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Alex Buck
Alex Buck
CEO/Co Founder

Co founded Undrafted based on a vision to create content for the everyman. Ambitious & driven, i thrive on daily motivation and trying to get better than I was yesterday. Won't take failure for an answer, i'll be working my fingers to the bone until we're able to create content for the world, and as a result give my family and those around me the life they all deserve. It's easy to be motivated when it's bigger than just yourself. Passionate about sports, life, and living it to the maximum. Which is why one day i'll be talking sports as a full time career. Live by life is too short, and forever grateful for everything life has to offer.

Adam Bristo

What’s the best feeling in the world?
Starting a business with your best mates and talking about all the things that you love about sport!
Undrafted is not only a community but a family, and our family grows everyday.
American Football is my #1 passion and something that I’ve been totally immersed in, since I was first introduced to it in ‘08. Playing the sport and watching an unholy amount of College and NFL cemented my decision in becoming part of Undrafted. I have a pure love for business, performance and mindset so when we had the chance to combine all of these it was perfect!
Striving to be the best we can be and growing our community everyday is the thing that drives me.
We have all of the skills to achieve our huge ambitions and the tenacity to set outrageous goals.

Be savage, not average 🔥

Antonio Ierubino

Undrafted started with a dream. You can’t put a limit on it. The more we dream, the further we’ll get. That’s something I tell the team everyday.

Coming from a hands-on engineering background I am finding there are lots of skills which have been transferrable to a business environment. Despite my ability to problem solve and fix faults, it’s the shear sweat, determination and hard work that ensures I don’t take failure for an answer.

Sport is a way of life for me. Undrafted has given me the opportunity to partner business with pleasure and for that I’ll be forever grateful. Combine that with the best Fiancee, Family and Friends you could ever ask for it puts you In a powerful place moving forward.

Let’s see where this journey takes us. Work hard, have fun, make history. 🙌

Tom Clapham
Chief Editor/Writer/Podcaster

For as long as I can remember, I have been performing in some aspect of my life. Whether that be on stage or on a field, I always took the opportunity to be involved. Getting involved with Undrafted was a no brainer and we are just getting started. I want to make a career in sports, and working with like minded people, helps us all thrive. Ant was the first person I spoke to and I was immediately in. Undrafted has no ceiling, we plan to be the biggest and the best, and nothing will stop us reaching our goal.

Adam Hilton

I've grown up loving sports since I was 6 years old. My career has taken me a different way (Solicitor by trade) but Undrafted offers that chance to create a community for you guys as well as a chance to make a career out of what I love to do, talking about sports, watching sports, and then talking about them some more! Within 5 minutes of speaking with Alex I knew this was for me and I look forward to being part of Undrafted conquering the sporting world. Onwards and upwards!

Chris Juffs

I’ve always been a lover of sport, and Undrafted gives me a platform to express not only my views, but the views of many sport fans around the world. Having worked for a couple of Chelsea fanzines, I aim to bring content on behalf of many supporters across the globe! I aim to improve in life daily in everything I do. If I can make sport a full time job, I’ll never have to ‘work’ a day in my life.

Rebecca M

College football has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I used to sit with my dad on the weekends while he used to explain the game to me. Ever since those weekends, I started falling in love with the game. Due to my passion, I decided to start a college football blog called Gridiron Rush! My blog has not only given me the platform to do what I love on daily basis, it has also connected me with some of the best people. I am so excited to be a part of the Undrafted Network and the empire that they are building! You can always find me every Saturday cheering on my Trojans!

Danny Gould
Social Media Manager

When I was asked to be the Social Media Manager for Undrafted it was a no brainer. I absolutely love American Football and I am a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan. I love all things social media, beer and I am also a singer in some awesome bands. It's great to be working with such a cool bunch of guys everyday.

Murray Pugh
Writer/Fantasy Chief

Sports is in my blood. I’m an avid Wales, Liverpool and Carolina Panthers fan but will literally sit down and watch anything except rugby (Yeah I know I’m Welsh). I remember waking up every weekend and going somewhere to watch or play a number of different sports with my dad growing up. I’ve always been passionate about talking football and the NFL but never had anywhere to express it. Undrafted has given me the chance to voice my opinions albeit sometimes controversial, but hopefully still an enjoyable read. You miss every shot you don’t take and my long term aim is to do this full time and there’s nowhere else I’d rather do it than with these guys. Twitter @murraypugh

Jamie Evans

“The most controversial man in sports writing entertainment” - Everyone who knows me, 1990 - Present

Eat, Sleep and breathe Manchester United. Football has been my life since the age of 5. Watching or playing. Love voicing my opinion on anyone or anything regarding the game. Not one for following the crowd. Some opinions may shock you! 

Also a big fan of Golf, The Indianapolis Colts and the occasional Boxing/UFC main events. 
Currently studying Sports Journalism in the University of Chester with the dream of making all this a reality and a career. 

Appreciate the support from all at Undrafted to give me this opportunity and look forward to taking them and myself to the next level! 

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