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Isaiah Spiller Draft Profile and Landing Spots – NFL Draft 2022

Our next instalment of NFL Draft Prospects sees us analyse Isaiah Spiller, breaking down his draft profile and looking at potential landing spots for him in the NFL. 

The RB12 in his High School class per 247sports, Isaiah Spiller has been everything the Aggies hoped for and more. He has been extremely consistent over his three seasons in college. Near enough 1,000 yards in each of his seasons shows a player who can be relied upon. He offers the team who takes him the chance to grab a between the tackles runner who can also be a danger off the edge and can hold his own as a blocker. Yes, he won’t burn past faster DBs but his short area movement more than makes up for the lack of top end speed. This guy should be a fixture in the league for the next 5-10 years as long as his body holds up.

Isaiah Spiller NFL Draft Profile

  • 6’1″
  • 215 pounds
  • Born in Spring, Texas
  • DOB: 9th August 2001 (Age 20)
  • 4 star recruit per 247 Sports
  • Selected Texas A&M over other schools such as Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas and Baylor.

Undrafted’s NFL Draft projection:

  • Isaiah Spiller could well be the RB1 of this class. As a pure runner Breece Hall is better but Spiller offers a ore rounded game. He blocks and catches passes at a better level than Hall and this all around skill set will entice teams to take him first. Whoever gets Spiller won’t be unhappy. He has the ability to take teams run game and make it elite. Yes, he doesn’t have the elite top end speed but he makes up for this with burst and shiftiness. He is young as well. His tyres don’t have all that much wear on them, averaging just over 170 touches a season at Texas will have kept him fresh. The end of the first or start of the second is likely where we see his name called.

You can see Spiller’s highlights here or the video is at the end of the page

Stats to this point

Isaiah Spiller Draft Profile Stats

Here’s what stands out on tape:

  • A willing blocker who does this better than most at this level.
  • Shows good burst and ability to get through the smallest of gaps.
  • Whilst he can get to the edge he doesn’t have 4.3 speed, he won’t outrun many of the quicker DBs in the NFL.
  • Has fantastic change of direction ability, he cuts and doesn’t slow down.
  • He makes people miss.
  • Shows good pass-catching ability.
  • Does need to run harder. His size should allow him to break more tackles than he does.
  • Shows effort as a route runner.

NFL Potential Comp – (Prime) Devonta Freeman

Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

It would appear that of all the prospects coming into the league this year Spiller projects as the most complete. His ability blocking and pass catching alongside his rush ability make him a tantalising option for many teams. Many of the teams who will be drafting when Spiller’s window hits could be tempted to save some money at the position, why spend $8-$10m on a star back when there is one potentially coming out of college. I can’t help but think of Alex and Tom here and just how happy they would be if Spiller landed in Miami…

3 Potential NFL Draft Landing Spots for Isaiah Spiller

Buffalo Bills

This year has shown that when Josh Allen isn’t on song then the Bills struggle. The problem they have is they don’t have a running game that scares anybody. Singletary and Moss are ok but that’s it. Being able to put a true 3-down back on the field who has game changing ability could take this offense to the next level.

In a division where the number 1 spot is for the taking the Bills need to strike now. The Jets and Dolphins will come back and we have seen the Patriots do just that. The Bills can only avoid the need at this position for so long. They upgraded their Defence last year through the Draft, let’s give Allen another blue chip weapon to keep opposition Defences guessing. More bodies in the box equals more man coverage for Diggs and co to beat.

Arizona Cardinals

James Connor has shown what a good running back in Kliff Kingsbury’s system can do. Connor is out of contract this summer and Kliff has a chance to get a cheaper replacement. Spiller on this team would mean a seamless transition for a team smack bang in the middle of their Superbowl window. Whilst Kyler Murray will account for part of the Cardinals run game Spiller can be the thunder to Murray’s lightning.

As Murray ages in the league the Cardinals will want him to make more plays with the arm rather than constantly trying to do it all himself. We have seen the start of this already this year. Isaiah Spiller on this team, with the WR threats that they possess could be a perennial pro-bowler early in his career. I do not have a hard time envisaging him having the same effect as Najee Harris and Jonathan Taylor at their respective teams. The Cardinals will be picking to the back end of the 2022 Draft, it may be that is too rich for them at the position but I wouldn’t bet much against it.

Tampa Bay Bucanneers

The Bucs are flush at every position. After this season however Fournette and Jones may well be on their way. As above, they could do far worse than take a cheaper option whilst getting arguably the best rookie player available at the position. With an eye to the future cap issues that are surely looming, keeping some positions fairly cheap makes sense.

Post-Brady is a couple of years away so for now this team needs to go all in as much as they can. There is no reason they can’t secure another Superbowl or two and to do that money will have to be committed to the lines and the secondary soon enough. Yes RB is a replaceable position but taking Spiller would remove the need to think much about the position for the next 3-4 years at least. For Spiller, whilst his position makes him ‘replaceable’ in the eyes of much of the league, it also means he has a bigger chance of landing on a contender immediately. With his 3-down skillset Bruce Arians could well be tempted to turn in the card for this Texas Aggie.

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