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Drake London Draft Profile

Drake London Draft Profile and Landing Spots

Our next instalment of NFL Draft Prospects sees us analyse Drake London, breaking down his draft profile and look at potential landing spots for him in the NFL.

Drake London stepped into quote the loaded locker room when he arrived at USC. his first two seasons set a good groundwork for what was to be his coming out part. 2021 was going to plan and more for London prior to the Arizona game. With 1,084 yards and 7 touchdowns he firmly established his 1st round pedigree. Had he remained fit we could have been seeing the second consecutive WR Heisman winner. The BIletnikoff was certainly not out of reach. If you put any stock in Draftnik predictions, Mel Kiper has

Drake London Draft Profile

  • 6’5″
  • 210 pounds
  • Born in Moorpark, California
  • DOB: 24th July 2001 (Age 20)
  • 4 star recruit per 247 Sports
  • Selected USC over other schools such as Arizona, Notre Dame, Oregon, UCLA and Wisconsin.

Undrafted’s Draft Projection

  • London was positioning himself to be the WR1 of the 2022 Draft after a fantastic first 8 games of the season. This all came to a screeching halt as a result of a fractured ankle on a catch against Arizona. Ankle injuries don’t have to be the end of 1st round dream however, just look how well Jaylen Waddle has done. London has 6 months until the Draft and 10 months until next season starts in earnest. He will be taken in the 1st round, albeit maybe slightly later. That said his skills are such that teams who have him on their boards may not move him at all. He could be a game changer at the next level and plenty of teams need one of those.

You can see London’s highlights here or the video is at the end of the page

Stats To This Point

Drake London Draft Profile - Stats
Drake London Draft Profile Stats

Here’s what stands out on tape:

  • His size is perfect for the NFL, it will immediately give him an advantage as a receiver, especially against smaller corners.
  • His basketball background shows, he high-points well.
  • Is improving as a blocker, although there is still work to do.
  • His route running is by no means perfect but he finds ways to repeatedly beat zone coverage.
  • He isn’t a 4.3 guy but it doesn’t matter, he has burst and is good in open spaces.
  • He makes people miss.
  • Great hands, he will catch anything thrown his way.
  • I would like to see him use his body to block out defenders more but that will come.
  • He could use a couple of seasons of NFL weight rooms.

NFL Potential Comp – Mike Evans

Image Credit – On3.com

The big thing for Drake London will be how quickly, and thoroughly he can come back from his fracture. It is likely that he will want to save himself for pre-season. I expect this will involve him skipping the Combine and pro-day workouts. There are definitely worse tape collections to rely on however, that he was having such a good year stands him in good stead.

3 Potential Landing Spots for Drake London

New Orleans Saints

With Michael Thomas out for the year this year and apparently no longer the reliable weapon he was the saint shave a need. Behind Thomas is a list of no-names. Tre’Quan Smith, Marquez Callaway and Deonte Harris have hardly set the league alight. With Emmanuel Sanders leaving for Buffalo Sean Payton and co were left short. If London excels like i expect him to then he will be a starter his rookie year.

Yes the Saints are in flux QB wise. That doesn’t mean that the whole game should rest on Alvin Kamara. Whoever is QB1 next year (Winston for me) should find that Drake London has the skills to have a Mike Evans effect on this team. Imagine Saints fans, a guaranteed 1,000 yards a year. There is no reason this cannot be a 10 touchdown a year guy either. With his basketball background he is built to go up and high-point the ball. He’ll be a dangerous redzone weapon from the minute he steps onto the field. Yes, he could do with adding a few pounds and yes he is coming into the league injured. Any team who can see his potential though should hesitate to turn his card in. LEt’s be honest, any team who can’t see it don’t deserve him.

Cleveland Browns

Here we are again. We thought the Browns had it all solved. This was supposed to be their year. I would say it pains me to see them struggle but I’d be lying. You know, Ravens fan and all that… Anyway, with the OBJ saga in Cleveland over there is once again a starting receiver spot up for grabs. It may only be the WR3 spot on this team with Landry and Peoples-Jones locking up the other two but it is a role that will produce for the team. Landry is a slot guy, London has the skills to play the outside.

Cleveland has it’s run game sorted. QB is a different story but London would represent another shot at finalising the receiver core. Baker Mayfield has shown that a Browns receiving game that is on song takes the pressure of the backs. This in turn opens up the run game and we see 50+ points from the Browns. There is no QB I see the Browns taking this year (ehh..maybe Matt Corral if he slips) and the Defence is loaded at the moment. Yes edge may be a need if Clowney leaves but that can be addressed in the 2nd round. I will keep coming back to it but imagine a player like Mike Evans on this Offence, scary!

Las Vegas Raiders

If the Browns thought they had issues all they needed to do was look to Vegas. Right now that is the epitome of a problem. With Henry Ruggs gone there is a gaping hole on that receiver core. Bryan Edwards is busy establishing himself as a starter but other than him who is there for sure next year on the outside? Zay Jones maybe, Deshaun Jackson? No. Hunter Renfrow has the slot all sewn up.

Derek Carr is an above average QB. Give him the weapons and he can more than happily run an offence that will beat you. London and Edwards on the outside with Renfrow in the middle finally resembles a semblance of a legitimate WR core for Vegas fans to get excited about. Without wanting to repeat myself, much of my argument for the other two teams applies here. Drake London will be a WR1 on a team and could be the best of this class. The ankle isn’t scaring many people away.

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