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Matt Corral Draft Profile and Landing Spots

Our next instalment of NFL Draft Prospects sees us analyse Matt Corral, breaking down his draft profile and look at potential landing spots for him in the NFL.

Matt Corral and Lane Kiffin has been an electric partnership in Ole Mississippi. Corral was struggling to find himself with the Rebels, until Kiffin arrived as the head coach, and everything changed. It proves that the relationship of a head coach and his quarterback, plus the right scheme, really does make the difference. It’s a Drew Brees & Sean Payton kind of thing. Kiffin allowed Corral to display his talents, and he’s done that and much more this season.

Matt Corral Draft Profile

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  • 6’1″
  • 205 pounds
  • Born in Ventura, California
  • DOB: 31st January 1999 (age 22)
  • Consensus 4 star recruit
  • Originally committed to the Florida Gators, flipped to Ole Miss after Gators head coach Jim McElwain was fired.
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Undrafted’s 2022 NFL Draft Projection

Matt Corral’s 2021 campaign needed two things. A continuation of the production in 2020 when things were good, and a serious improvement on turnovers. He’s done both, and with flying colours. My main concern with Corral after last season was how badly he spiralled out of control after making a mistake. In 2020 he threw 6 interceptions against Arkansas, and 4 against LSU. But outside of that he only threw 3 all season, which was telling me it was a mental thing. Fast forward to the present, and through 10 games in 2021, Matt Corral has only thrown 2 picks all year, and he didn’t turn the ball over once against Alabama. When you take out the mistakes, what you have is a very appealing quarterback for an NFL franchise. Corral has the ability to take off and run in a very similar style to that of Jalen Hurts. He’s stockier than somebody like Lamar Jackson, and can run through contact aggressively. He’s not easy to bring down by any stretch, and I like the way he runs. He’ll fight through you for those extra yards. A lot of other guys have shown a lot of talent this season, but I still have Matt Corral as the number 1 QB in this draft, and he’s done enough to cement himself as a QB teams will look to trade up for.

You can watch his latest highlights here, or find them at the bottom of the page.

Stats To This Point

Here’s what I picked out from Matt Corral’s tape:

  • The strongest arm in the draft. Throws a football 65 yards with no trouble at all. A huge plus for NFL teams scouting.
  • Athletic. Takes off and runs both by design and via plays breaking down/pocket collapse.
  • Very tough, gritty quarterback. Leaves it all on the field.
  • Does a great job throwing the ball out in space on deep throws.
  • Passes have tremendous zip. Can fit a football into tight windows with velocity.
  • Smooth. Run/pass options are smooth. Roll outs are smooth. Does everything clinically
  • Will straight up run through you and carry you for an extra yard
  • Leader. The whole team loves him. He possesses an alpha mentality while not being overly arrogant with it (Spencer Rattler)

NFL Potential Comp – A Shorter Josh Allen

Josh Allen came in a little rough around the edges, got it cleaned up and is now able to both throw 60-70 yard TDs, and take off and run whenever he pleases. Allen may be bigger but these two guys both run with the same aggression. What i will say, is that I believe Matt Corral throws a more accurate deep ball. Allen is of course an elite NFL talent, but can miss his mark on a deep ball from time to time. In the right scheme, Corral could be lethal in the NFL with the arm that he has.

Matt Corral Draft Profile and Landing Spot Analysis.
Image Credit – Andy Staples

3 Potential Draft Landing Spots for Matt Corral

Denver Broncos

We are currently watching a whole tonne of talent on the Denver Broncos offence, including a very decent offensive line, go to waste under the control of Teddy Bridgewater. I love Teddy, but as much as we love him, you can’t ride with him into a Super Bowl. Denver is a talented roster, and this whole carousel of misfit QBs is getting old now. They need to rectify it, even if it means giving up some picks to do so. The Broncos will likely need to leapfrog a few other teams in order to get Matt Corral, but at some point they need to stand up and face the crowd. Drew Lock didn’t work out, because they limped into it in the second round. Then we’ve got Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, Teddy Bridgewater, etc etc. Of course, what saves them, is the Peyton Manning acquisition. His experience combined with an elite defence was just about enough to win the Super bowl. The narrative in Denver needs to change, give up a couple of assets and go up to get Matt Corral. Surrounding him with Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, Noah Fant. You already have his weaponry in place, as well as one of the back running back duos in the National Football League. Javonte Williams was a home run selection. The QB is the missing piece.

Washington Football Team

Taylor Heinicke is a fun story, but how long does it last? And in similar fashion to the Denver Broncos, Washington continue to paint over the cracks at the position with make shift solutions. Corral changes all of that, and he possesses all the charisma and like-ability you need. This team is literally rebranding it’s entire franchise, you need somebody who’s going to give you a thrill to be the poster boy of that franchise. That guy is absolutely, definitely Matt Corral. Washington has a great defence, talented receivers, and I’m a huge fan of Antonio Gibson in the backfield. Washington, if they’re doing it properly, should be bringing in the future of the franchise to accompany the new brand, and the new identity.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben is winding down. He’s beat up, he’s struggling to stay healthy. Similarly to Drew Brees, he just looks like he’s tailing off at the end of his career, and the Steelers have no plan. It’s unmistakably clear that the answer is not Mason Rudolph, and if Dwayne Haskins can’t win the job over that guy, then the answer is not him either. Both are terribly underwhelming and incapable of holding the number 1 job. So what exactly is Pittsburgh going to do? Give up a stack and jump up the draft for Matt Corral. While the defence might be slightly underwhelming this season, the offence has been sputtering at times with Big Ben at the helm. But the talent they have is evident. Matt Corral combined with Najee Harris running run/pass option is enough to give teams nightmares, and Corral would have reliable targets in Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool, and a quickly rising in popularity Pat Freiermuth. The Steelers offence needs it’s energy back, and Corral could handle that, put the weight of it on his shoulders, and execute. Plus there are plenty worse places to end up than at work with Mike Tomlin and his coaching staff every day.

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