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NFL Fantasy Football Week 11 Buy or Sell Targets

We are back with NFL Fantasy Football Week 11 Buy or Sell Targets. The NFL continues to make you say OMG I can’t even, with the Dolphins destroying the Ravens, 49ers pummelling the Rams and WFT sticking it to the Bucs. Simply stunning, as all three results leave their respective divisions very much wide open.

The Chiefs are…back? Hopefully you bought in on Mahomes, Hill or Kelce (who I identified as a buy low last week) as they seemingly got their groove back this Sunday, demolishing the Vegas Raiders to the tune of 41 points.

Crunch time in fantasy leagues is well upon us, and in the trade market now is not the time for dilly dallying. It’s #CutThroatSzn, where emotional ties to late round gems must be cut if necessary, where early round flops must be benched for waiver wire saviours, where in the trade market you’re in one of the below situations:

Playoff or Consolation Certi – looking to buy players with strong fantasy playoff schedules or outlooks

Playoff Hopeful – looking to buy for immediate impact to help clinch playoffs

So stop wasting time and reading this intro, and go buy or sell the below targets…NOW:

NFL Fantasy Football Week 11 – Buy Targets

D’Onta Foreman (RB – Tennessee Titans)

He’s likely on your waiver wire, but if he isn’t you should still be able to acquire him for very cheap.

But Foreman, a third round pick in 2017 who has suffered seemingly 27 achilles injuries since being drafted, is now healthy and primed to take over from Derrick Henry for the Titans.

Adrian Peterson was signed yes, but the THIRTY-SIX-year-old running back who was eating Cheetos on his sofa watching redzone just two weeks ago, has looked washed to say the least. 18 rushes for 42 yards and a score in two games, albeit vs the Rams and Saints.

Foreman, Peterson and McNichols pretty much shared snaps evenly in week 10 – 21, 20 and 16 respectively, with Foreman taking the slight edge. Foreman was by far the most productive taking 13 touches for 78 total yards, so I like Foreman’s to start taking over this backfield.

His upcoming schedule is very favourable – Hou (!!!), @NE, BYE, Jax (!!!), @PIT, SF, Mia (!!!!!!!!!!). So there’s potential for three smash spots, this week v Hou, in week 14 v Jax, and the fantasy final v Miami. If he receives 10+ touches against these teams he should produce RB2 numbers at least, and he’ll cost you a waiver wire priority spot or a low end bench option.

De’Andre Swift (RB – Detroit Lions)

In Week 10 he received 33 carries and 6 targets taking them for 135 total yards. This is Derrick Henry level workload, which is certainly a result of Jamaal Williams ailing and going into OT vs Steelers, but this demonstrates the trust and commitment the staff have in Swift and the run game for this team.

Fortunately for us looking to buy Swift, the fantasy box score was somewhat underwhelming so there is an opportunity to still buy at a reasonable price, a player who has ascended to fringe RB1 status but isn’t being treated like one.

The schedule looks good enough too – @Cle (Rhamondre Stevenson pulverised them this week), Chi (below average vs run), Min (below average), @Den (pulled apart by Jordan Howard and Boston Scott this week).

You can probably buy Swift for low end WR1/high end WR2 value or mid RB2 value – think Michael Pittman, DK Metcalf, Michael Carter.

George Kittle (TE – San Francisco 49ers)

Kittle is back and in the last two weeks he’s gone for 15/11/151/2. Straight back into the elite tier of fantasy tight ends before you can say ‘Shanahan owns McVay’.

The 49ers look like a team on the rise, getting healthy, playmakers in all skill positions (well maybe not Jimmy G but he’s good enough) and well in the hunt for a wildcard spot push.

If you’re struggling at the position, I’d be willing to give up the likes of Antonio Gibson, Terry McLaurin, Adam Thielen, Amari Cooper to acquire the elite tight end.

Justin Fields and Darnell Mooney (QB and WR – Chicago Bears)

I’m all in on these two after what I’ve seen in weeks 8 and 9. I wrote about them both in last weeks article and they get a solid matchup in week 11 against a flagging Ravens D, followed by – @Det (!!!!!!!!!!), Ari (destroyed by Panthers this week), @GB, Min, @Sea, NYG. None of these defences should be feared at all and the pair will be looking to catch fire as the Bears chase a wildcard spot.

They could both be on waiver wires, but hopefully you listened last week and got them before their bye week. If not, go get them now.

On my roster in one league, I have Jalen Hurts and Mike Williams. I’m very much considering playing both Fields and Mooney over them this week.

NFL Fantasy Football Week 11 – Sell Options

Antonio Gibson (RB – Washington Football Team)

After weeks of questionable tags and rumours of being potentially shut down, Gibson comes out of the bye week and goes for 24/64/2 & 2/2/14 helping getting a win against the Bucs…THE BUCS. A shocking result all round and something I can’t see happening regularly going forward.

Yes Gibson was an early round draft pick for a reason, he can produce games like this. But his fractured shin hasn’t just disappeared and it was well documented this is an injury that can bother him all season long. Any given week we could see his practice limited or his in-game snaps limited.

I understand if you want to hold Gibson off the back of this promising box score, but I’d be looking to sell Gibson for a more reliable option who has their shin fully pieced together. Target Elijah Mitchell, De’Andre Swift, Michael Carter.

Mike Williams (WR – LA Chargers)

Here is the target share split over the season between Mike Williams and Keenan Allen:

Weeks 1-6:
Allen – 57
Williams – 56

Weeks 8-10:
Allen – 35
Williams – 16

Here is Mike Williams’ production, also split by the same weeks:

Weeks 1-6:

Weeks 8-10:

Remember when I said at the start about cutting emotional ties with late round gems? Well now is unfortunately, probably the time to cut loose. I have Mike Williams and I’m looking to flip him to something more reliable. I am also considering Mooney over Williams this week to play.

You could argue it’s a buy low opportunity for Mike Williams, and if you want to take that on then that’s absolutely fine. But if you’re chasing a playoff spot and need production right now, Mike Williams just isn’t getting it done and Justin Herbert looks like he’s struggling too.

I think you could still get someone like Michael Carter, Michael Pittman, even Keenan Allen who is just outproducing him consistently at the moment. Use Mike Williams’ juicy upside displayed the first few weeks of the season and go get bankable fantasy points now.

Rhamondre Stevenson (RB – New England Patriots)

NFL Fantasy Football Week 11 - Sell Options - Rhamondre Stevenson (RB – New England Patriots)
Rhamondre Stevenson (RB – New England Patriots)

The rookie bulldozed the Browns to the tune of 20/100/2 and 5/4/14/0, a week winning performance for anyone who was coy enough to start him this week off the waiver wire.

However, it’s looking like Damien Harris should return from the concussion protocol in week 11, so what does this do to Stevenson? Well we don’t know, but we’d guess that at best Stevenson done enough to force a time share with Harris. But Harris could also return and takeover as he was before.

But there is enough here to sell high on Stevenson – a huge game, a team that gets incredible fantasy production from RBs, ascending rookie who Big Bill Belichick seems to trust. Go package him up for a weekly starter to someone who is chasing a playoff spot, needing immediate production and willing to take a gamble. You might even be able to target Darrell Henderson, who is on a bye this week.

Thanks for reading this weeks NFL Fantasy Football Week 11 Buy or Sell Targets! Return home.

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