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The Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022 – Top 10

Welcome to Undrafted’s ranking of the best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022. Hours of tape watched and hours pouring over stats have culminated in, what I think is the best Top-10 Quarterback list out there!

No 10: Grayson McCall – Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

There was so many candidates for the 10th spot. With names like Levis, Cunningham, Armstrong, Mordecai and Strong all being in the mix. After much deliberation and lots of watched tape i decided on McCall

The Chanticleers quarterback could’ve climbed much higher on my on my list if it wasn’t for the fact that he has the least amount of attempts than any QB i looked at. With that being said he has the possibility to be one of the steals of the draft, should he declare this year. With the correct coaching and mentoring he could very well be the best QB of this class.

McCall has a fantastic arm on him, with the longest Touchdown pass out of all College QB’s this season. He is an incredibly accurate quarterback with a quick release, completing 73.4% of his attempts, 3rd highest in College Football. McCall has 2,063 passing yards on the season on only 159 attempts, averaging 13.1 yards per attempt, with 17 TD’s. One aspect of McCall’s game that he needs to work on is his ball handling. With 8 fumbles on the season already

No 9: Sam Howell – North Carolina Tar Heels (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

Howell came into this season in Heisman contention and as a top draft pick contender. All this fell away after an incredibly poor showing at Virginia Tech, where North Carolina lost 17-10.

Although the Tar Heel have had a very underwhelming season, Howell has been a bright spot since he came into the form that we saw last season. I still expect Howell to be selected within 2 round of the NFL Draft. He’s the Quarterback with the highest floor but a short ceiling. He has great spacial awarenss, knows when to trust the O-Line and stay in the pocket and knows when its time to run.

A surprise to many this season was Howells ability in the run game. He has the second most QB rushing yards in the Nation with 953, behind only Malik Willis, although Howell has 13 less attempts. With those runs he has found the Endzone 9 times. Howell doesn’t have the most impressive passing stats, you have to watch his tape to understand his true ability. He has 2,704 passing yards on the season, with a 63.5% completion rate and averaging 9 ypa. Howell also has 22 passing TD’s, tied for 14th amongst all College QB’s.

No 8: Desmond Ridder – Cincinnati Bearcats (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

This is where the picks become difficult. So many talented QB’s to choose from. Ridder takes the 8th spot for me. He has been the main focal point in a undefeated Bearcats team. One of the main reasons why Ridder is low on my board is the lack of quality opposition faced. Notre Dame being the only team of note. However Ridder has to the chance to climb many rankings and Draft boards should we see him play in the College Football Playoffs…

Ridder is having his best ever season as a Bearcat and i cant wait so see where he ends up in Aprils Draft. One thing to look at when judging the Cinncinnati QB is the fact that he doesn’t have a great O-Line, with a PFF grade of 57.1, Ridder’s been sacked 16 times already this season.

Ridder is the standard for modern-day dual-threat quarterbacks. He is effective in the run when needed, with 400 yards on the season and 5 TD’s. In the passing game he has 2,424 yards on the season, completing 65.9% and averaging 8.4 ypa. He has 22 TD’s and is tied for 14th with Sam Howell

No 7: Sam Hartman – Wake Forrest Demon Deacons (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

Many of you reading this, like me, will have been introduced to Hartman through the TV series “QB1: Beyond The Lights”. From that day I have followed Hartman vigorously and am more then happy to have him in 7th spot

The Demon Deacons have had a stellar season, suffering only one loss in a thrilling 58-55 game against North Carolina. The talents of Hartman have been a huge factor as to why Wake Forrest have done so well. Its incredibly hard to guess what round Hartman might go in Aprils Draft

Hartman hasn’t really had a single bad game all season. He has 3,163 passing yards on the season, the 8th most in the Nation. Averaging 9.1 ypa in which he is tied for 10th. He is 5th out of all College QB’s for passing TD’s, with 30 on the season. In the Run game he is very similar to Ridder, running when needed to. Hartman has 406 rushing yards and 9 TD’ with just 1 fumble

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No 6: Caleb Williams – Oklahoma Sooners (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

This choice is going to cause bit of a kerfuffle. Many people will think he deserves to be ranked higher. I do believe that Williams will become a great player and possibly Top Draft pick. But, i just haven’t seen enough of him to fairly rank him over others, who I believe are more deserving.

Williams came into the starting role when the Sooners decided to bench Spencer Rattler in the game against Texas. Where he shone, like he did in his next 3 games until he played Baylor. The game against Baylor was what turned me away from the Sooner QB a bit. I didn’t like what i saw at all, i hope that it was just a blip and Williams will get back on form. in that game he threw for 142 yards, 0 TD’s, 2 INT’s and had a 50% completion rate

Apart from that Baylor game , Williams has been fantastic all season. The Baylor game is the only thing stopping him from being higher on this list. In his 5 games of playing he has 1,331 passing yards, completing 68% and averaging 10.4 ypa which is tied for the 2nd highest in College Football. He has threw 14 TD’s, 6 of which came against Texas tech. Williams is also efficient in the running game with 361 yards, averaging 10.9 per attempt, finding the endzone 5 times.

No 5: Malik Willis – Liberty Flames (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

Willis truly is the Flame that keeps this Liberty team bright. He’s been fantastic all season apart from a slightly scruffy game against Matt Corall and Ole Miss. He’s well deserving of this 5th spot and i cant wait to see how well he transpires into the NFL level

Willis transferred to Liberty from Auburn and since securing the starting position he has just been lighting college football up. The Liberty Quarterback is probably the most electrifying and stylish player out of this whole QB Draft Class, a true joy to watch.

Willis is the best rushing quarterback in the Nation and is just shy of 1000 yards. In the run game he has found the endzone 10 times! He is just a proficient passer as he is a runner. Willis has 2,159 passing yards on the season, completing 66.4% of passes. He is ranked 9th for yards per attempt and has 21 TD’s so far. His passing and rushing TD’s combined gives him a total of 31!

No 4: Matt Corral – Ole Miss Rebels (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

The front-runner for 1st QB taken in April’s Draft sits in the 4th spot. Corral has been pretty consistent this year, apart from one game against LSU he has over 200 passing yards in each game

Although Corral has been impressive, i dont think he’ll hit the heights of hiss last season at Ole Miss. Where he threw 29 TD’s and over 3,300 yards. One thing that Corral has certainly improved on this year is his decision making. Last year he threw 13 interceptions whereas this year hes only threw 2.

Its easy to see why Corral is tipped to be a top Draft pick. He has it all, the arm talent, the legs and most importantly the ability to make smart decisions. The Ole Miss QB has 2,744 passing yards on the season with a completion rate of 66.7%. he averages 9 ypa and has threw 21 TD’s. Corral is a solid player on the ground as well, gaining 624 rushing yards and finding the endzone 10 times.

Matt Corral - Voted The 4th Best College Quarterback 2021/2022 by Undrafted

No 3: CJ Stroud – Ohio State Buckeye’s (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

I think a lot of people are sleeping on Stroud. I certainly was until i watched his tape and saw his stats. The dude’s a 1st round draft pick right now and hes not even draft eligible until 2023. Stroud is more than deserving of 3rd place and i cant wait to see more of him at the College Level

The only talent that Stroud doesn’t posses is his ability to run. It will be interesting to know if he can change that in his next year of College Football. In his passing game Stroud has 3,036 yards, which is the 11th most, with a 68.8% completion rate. The Buckeyes QB is ranked 4th highest for yards per attempt with 9.8 and has the 5th most passing TD’s with 30

CJ Stroud - Voted The 3rd Best College Quarterback 2021/2022 by Undrafted

No 2: Bryce Young – Alabama Crimson Tide (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

Bryce Young came into this Alabama starting role with big boots to fill. With the likes of Mac Jones, Tua and Hurts coming before him. I think that many, myself included, thought that it might’ve taken him a year to achieve the level of QB that a Nation Title chasing Alabama expects. He’s just blown everyone away and came right out of the gates with that talent!

The only reason that the Crimson Tide QB sits at 2nd and not 1st is the fact that he is surrounded with 5 star and 4 star talent. That’s not me saying he isn’t talented or being carried by his team. Its just that my QB1 doesn’t have the talent around him

Young is an incredible passer, all his stats are ranked within the top 12. SO far this season Young has threw for 3,025 yards with a completion rate of 70.9%, which is the 7th highest. The Alabama QB averages 9.3 ypa and has threw 33 TD’s against just 3 INT’s, for which he is ranked 7th and 3rd Nationally.

Bryce Young - Voted The 2nd best College Quarterback 2021/2022 by Undrafted

No 1: Kenny Pickett – Pittsburgh Panthers (Best College Quarterbacks 2021/2022)

The all important position, King Kenny takes the crown. I find myself falling more and more in love with this young mans game the more i watch it. He’s just incredible. No matter the opposition he has not had a poor/average game all season.

I don’t think there’s been a Quarterback that has improved his draft stock or his preseason ranking more than Pickett. I will be incredibly interesting to see how NFL teams view him and what round he will go in April’s Draft

Pickett is a proficient passer, possibly the best out of this QB class. He has threw for 3,517 yards already, which is the 5th most in the Nation, with a completion rate of 67.5%. The Panther QB is ranked 10th for yards per attempt averaging 9.1. Pickett has also threw 32 TD’s against just 4 INT’s for which he is ranked 4th. One thing that puts Pickett ahead of Young is Pickett’s ability to run. The Pittsburgh QB has rushed for over 350 yards and scored 4 TD’s

Kenny Pickett - Voted The Best College Quarterback 2021/2022 by Undrafted
Kenny Pickett – Voted The Best College Quarterback 2021/2022 by Undrafted

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