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Picking your College Team: A Guide – Part 7

Part 7 and we are finally in the business end of this wonderful competition to find our new College football team. We have our top 10, however this piece marks the breaking in half of that number as we get down to the top 5, well a top 6 but more on that later. This time out we will be discussing players past and present. The way the teams are eliminated is purely based on my personal subjectivity towards players that have emerged into the NFL from these illustrious organisations.

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Players who have helped to shape my fandom of the NFL, all have an origin somewhere and through this list I have had the opportunity to discover some of there alma maters in the process. At this point in the competition, making the top 10 out of the 53 teams that started this list is in itself a remarkable achievement. We would usually explain why the teams were eliminated, however at this point in the competition I feel it is more pertinent to discuss the winners rather than the losers.

The Final 6

Pittsburgh Panthers – Making themselves into an early favourite we have the Pittsburgh Panthers who have some incredible past and present players. They have been the making of so many players, but two specifically stand out to me. Dan Marino is probably my favourite player to ever play in the NFL and Pittsburgh helped to make him. He passed all over every team he played and redefined passing from the position. Aaron Donald is another player who is showing Offensive Lines that they cannot cope with him. The thing that stands out about Pittsburgh players? Pure Dominance at their position.

Memphis Tigers – An underrated team with some serious players have some always produced some solid players to grace the NFL. From the past and present, they have a roster of studs. The players that come from Memphis seem to continue to be underrated even when they are winning it all, just ask Isaac Bruce. An unbelievable player during his time, yet you ask anyone to make a top 10 list of Receivers all time, and he struggles to make it. Antonio Gibson is a current player who is getting the same treatment. He has all the potential to be a top 5 back in the NFL, however he is currently struggling to be respected in the top 20.

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Ole Miss Rebels – A team with a legendary resume, Ole Miss is an institution in College Football, producing legend after legend and adding some of the best athletes to the NFL ranks. The hallowed halls of Ole Miss seem to be a production line for exceptional athletes who transform into incredible players at the next level. Patrick Willis is the gold standard for his position and he only played for 8 years. DK Metcalf is running 100m races against track and field athletes while simultaneously ruining the lives of Corners throughout the NFL.

UCLA Bruins – The UCLA Bruins are fun to watch and they players they produce follow the mark when it comes to the NFL. Maurice Jones-Drew during his career was that kind of players, powerful and nearly impossible to bring down, he would feast on the Defensive Line if they weren’t ready for him. Myles Jack is another who plays the position like he genuinely enjoys it, all over the places and can do literally anything that is required of him.

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San Diego State Aztecs – A team like San Diego are a little bit lighter on the ground when it comes to players, but when they produce the goods, they are phenomenal. Just ask Marshall Faulk who was the catalyst for probably the greatest Offense to ever play the game. The Greatest show on turf was the teams nickname, but it was all about Faulk.

UTSA Roadrunners – The youngest team on our list, and maybe the youngest team in College Football, the UTSA Roadrunners have only been going since 2011. In that time only two players have been drafted from their team so they have been given a pass here. Everyone loves an underdog.

Then there were three

We need to half our list again following the latest cuts so next time we will be down to our final 3. To get there though, I think we need to do a deep dive into some college statistics. Let the teams do the talking for us and we get really get into the final steps of the crowning of our champion and my new team. This series has been a real eye opener as I have been able to research the wild world of College Football. I hope I have helped you find your team too.

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