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The Beginnings Of Our UK Sports Card Store

Since we discovered the sports card hobby over a year ago now, our passion for it has grown exponentially. We’ve shipped over 1500 parcels out to people in the UK, and even a few out to various locations in Europe. Being able to share a passion like that for the hobby is amazing, and help people build their collections over time. It’s like we’re all collecting together, and working on a group project to grow the hobby of sports card collecting on this side of the water. Quite simply, one day, we’re going to own a UK sports card store… and this is our next step.

Here’s our current list of breaks and pack product!

The process is still in it’s infancy, but we have a vision we are going to execute. Our journey began with breaks. Opening boxes of cards, members buying in with their teams, and then shipping the contents out across the country. It’s a tremendous amount of fun, especially when those big hitters come out. We’ve hit Justin Herbert rookie patch autographs, Joe Burrow silver’s on multiple occasions. We had a Tua autograph signed directly on-card, and just last week our first downtown case hit. But it’s time to diversify. We’ve been thinking lately, “what else can we do to support the hobby, and those within it here and their collections?”. It’s quite simple really. We need to increase the number of cards available to UK collectors.

So the past several weeks of my life have been spent scrolling eBay. I’m talking for hours. Day after day. Finding the best possible deals and buying cards. Not just any old card either. Cards from great sets, that we know from our experience with breaking are popular here. Mosaic, Prizm, Optic Rated Rookies. We’re even drizzling in a few autographs of players we know the UK audience appreciates, and the beginnings of our UK card store will be born.

It starts with 100 cards. Carefully hand selected. It really is a beautiful collection of the players people want to have a piece of in their collections. Justin Jefferson and Ceedee Lamb are tremendously hot right now. It feels good to have even a little bit of stock in guys like that right now. Those are names you want to add to your collection! Burrow & Ja’Marr Chase. Kyle Pitts. You name it we have sourced something, because that was the goal, to have a card store with something for everyone. The focus was on 2020 & 2021 just to get us going, so we had areas to focus on, but the aim is for that 100 cards in our store to become 1000 cards. With even more diversity. We’ve also considered people’s budgets. What is the typical budget of a UK collector, to buy a card for their collection? The experience we have gained over the past 12-15 months has given us that insight, and now it’s about applying that knowledge to expand both the hobby, and our services. It would be senseless to go out and buy cards for £300 a piece. (We also can’t afford to do so). So we’ve aimed at the £5 to £30 range, with a few exceptions for the odd beauty. Every card we’ve purchased is with a UK/European collector and their preference in mind.

So keep an eye out, because over the next two weeks, our first 100 cards will become available on our eBay store. Click here to follow the store, and you won’t miss out. These cards are going to be popular. We’ve been paying attention all this time. So we hope you like the collection, and that there’s something for you. As we speak, the first batch is in the sky, on it’s way to us, and we’re going to do a catalogue reveal of each and every card, before they hit the store. So you won’t want to miss that either! The below video will take you to our Youtube channel, where that very exciting mail day will be available soon…

UK Sports Cards Store UK Sports Cards Store UK Sports Cards Store UK Sports Cards Store UK Sports Cards Store

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