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CFB Week 10 Preview – Auburn @ Texas A&M

CFB Week 10 Preview – Auburn @ Texas A&M 19.30 UK Time (15.30 EST). With just 4 weeks left of the College Football regular season, teams are getting to the make or break point.

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In this important SEC West match-up both teams sit at 6-2 on the season. In the recently released CFB Rankings both teams are ranked in the the Top-15. Texas A&M sit at 14th while this weeks opponents, Auburn, sit one spot ahead at 13th. Realistically both teams are playing for the chance at a NY6 Bowl Game, although a lot more focus will be on Auburn. Its incredibly unlikely, BUT, Auburn has a small shot at a Playoff berth. Should Auburn go onto win their next 3 games, that would leave them 6-1 in conference games, with a final game against Alabama, which, should they win would secure the SEC West and line up a SEC Championship game against Georgia. Its a crazy theory but we cant rule Auburn out just yet!


The Auburn defense is ranked 23rd in the Nation in terms of points given up, only giving up an average of 19.8 a game. Auburn has one of the best pressuring defenses in College football. On the season they have 150 pressures resulting in 28 sacks, an average of 3.5 per game! They are also one of the leading defenses in terms of tackles, with 411 on the season. Out of those 411 tackles, 63 of them resulted in a loss of yardage, ranking them 4th in the Nation. A huge part of the Tiger defense is their D-Line. The Tiger D-Line accounts for over 120 of the teams total pressures and 24 of their sacks. A stalwart of the Auburn defensive line is DI, Colby Wooden. Wooden, who is graded 83.1 by PFF, is solely responsible for 28 of the teams pressures and 5 of their sacks. They face strong Texas A&M O-Line that has only given up 75 pressures and 8 sacks.

The Auburn offense has really started to come into stride in recent games, putting up 30+ points in their last 2 games against Ole Miss and Arkansas. They are ranked 25th in the Nation in terms of points per game, averaging 34.9. They are also the 26th best ranked offense for total yards per game, averaging 452. Out of those 452 yards per game, 197 of them are rushing yards and 255 of them are passing yards. The 2 stars of this Tiger offense is Bo Nix and Tank Bigsby. Bo Nix, the Auburn Quarterback, really came into form against Ole Miss and Arkansas. In those 2 games he completed 76.8% of his passes and averaged 286 passing yards. Throwing for 3 TD’s and rushing for another 3. Tank Bigsby, the Auburn Running-back, has has himself a solid season so far. He has rushed for 670 yards, with 142 of those yards coming from last week against Ole Miss. He has found the end-zone 7 times so far.


The showpiece of this Texas A&M team is undoubtedly their defense. Statistically they are the 4th best defense in the Nation when it comes to points allowed per game, giving up an average of 16.1. They are the 28th best team when it comes to yards given up per game, averaging 329. Out of those 329 yards, they give up 200 to the passing game and 129 to the run game. The defense as a whole has 125 pressures on the season resulting in 25 sacks. The key player of this defense is, DeMarvin Leal. The Aggies player is one of the most disruptive forces in all of College Football with 5 sacks and 8 tackles for a loss and has cemented himself as a top draft prospect. The Texas A&M defense face one of the best O-Lines in the country. The Auburn O-Line has only allowed 60 pressures and 1 sack the whole season!

The Aggies are on a 3 game winning streak with that streak kicking off against Alabama. The offense has played a vital part in this winning streak. Putting up 120 points, with a noticeable 41 against the 2nd best team in the country, Alabama. The Aggies offense is scoring an average of 29.6 points per game. In terms of yards, they are averaging 396 per game, with 208 of them being passing yards and 188 being rushing. The focal point of the Texas A&M offense is their running game and in particular Issiah Spiller. The Aggies running game has 1,600 yards on the season averaging about 200 yards per game. They have 11 TD’s so far in the season via the run.

Undrafted’s Auburn Talent Watch – Roger McCreary CB

McCreary has been a standout player on the Auburn defense. He is the 2nd highest PFF graded CB in the Nation (out of CB’s that have played 300 snaps or more) with a grade of 88.9. He is also the highest graded player on the entire Auburn team. McCreary has 31 tackles on the season, with 10 of them resulting in a defensive stop. The Tiger CB has 2 interceptions so far, 1 of them being a pick 6, and has 7 pass break ups. One part of McCrearys game that he will have to step up on Saturday is his tackling, currently he is missing 13% of his tackles.

Undrafted’s Texas A&M Talent Watch – Antonio Johnson CB

It was a hard choice for the Aggies Talent Watch. I was torn between Leal, Spiller and Johnson. I ultimately went with the guy who i think will have the better game. Johnson has been fantastic for Texas A&M all season, he is the highest graded CB in the Nation (out of CB’s that have played 300 snaps or more). He’s vital for Aggie success, playing the most snaps out of any of his teammates, with 525 snaps so far. 525!!! Johnson is fantastic all round, being given solid grades by PFF in all areas. He has made 42 tackles so far with 19 of them resulting in a defensive stop. He also has 1 pass break up and 1 interception which he returned to the house for 6.

CFB Week 10 Preview – Auburn @ Texas A&M

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