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Picking your College Team: A Guide – Part 6

We return for part 6 of the most anticipated series in College Football history, a guide to picking your new favourite College Team. During this series we have been through all manner of ways to eliminate teams from the pool and this week will be no different. This week we get down to our top 10 teams which means a massive 12 need to be removed during this piece.

What pray tell will be the stick for which we measure the remaining 22 teams? It will be their football team uniform colours. Surely though the teams performance is the most important thing when working out if you want to support them, well actually no it isn’t. In College Football a player is on a maximum of a 5 year cycle, now that super senior is a thing, which means success does not last forever, if you ignore Alabama that is. Players come and go and while they do still have a major impact on the teams fandom, for the most part the school colours last forever.

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My professional team, the Miami Dolphins, have an excellent colour palette with their Aqua, Orange and White fitting in with the cities vibes and being recognisable in a crowd. I am proud to wear my team colours, but the fact that they are also fashionable is a massive boost. This is important for our college teams too as we need to want to represent with all the Gear. Let’s then get into it and eliminate some of our remaining teams, see who doesn’t have the right look.

Colour Me Interested

What makes a good colour palette for a team? Well working on the basis of the almighty NFL teams can fall into different categories. You have the unique teams who rock with a colour set that no one else has, such as the Gold and Black of the New Orleans Saints. You can try to be a better version of an established brand using the ever popular Red, White and Blue. Alternatively you can drop a random colour on your third uniform like the Orange Creamsicle in Tampa Bay or the Nuclear Green in Seattle. Everyone tries to make their brand their own, however below are the 12 who did not make it into the vaunted top 10.

Baylor Bears – Baylor have quite the unique colour scheme with Green and Gold being their main two colours. Not many teams in college football share this, however the thought of being mistaken for a Green Bay Packers fan makes me require them to leave the competition.

Boston College Eagles – Eliminating a team in Boston feels easy, especially with the dreaded Patriots in the Dolphins division. Should I let me NFL cloud my judgement with regards to my College Team, no probably not, am I going to? Absolutely.

Syracuse Orange – One of my favourite mascots because it is so ridiculous. It is a literal Orange, however problem is their main and only school colour is Orange. I for one cannot wear this colour, as an accent it is fine, but as the main event, it does not work for me, sorry Otto.

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Mississippi State Bulldogs – Bland, that is the only way I can describe the Dark Maroon and White offering from Mississippi State. They just lack inspiration and although they may have a good level of support, I just do not feel desire to wear their merchandise.

Nevada Wolf Pack and Rice Owls – Both these teams rep a Navy and Silver offering and the uniforms just feel a little tame. There is no out there colour like an Orange and they find themselves falling into the trap of looking like every generic team that plays from pop warner to the pros. It just has no invention.

New Mexico Lobos and SMU Mustangs – I am done with the tired combinations of Red, White and Blue in mostly all its forms. We as none American get it, you are Patriotic and like to show that, but not everything has to include the colours of Old Glory. Another issue as a Brit though is that over here, wearing Red, White and Blue is kind of weird.

Maryland Terrapins, Temple Owls, Texas Tech Red Raiders and Utah Utes – Right, so if you thought I was done with Red, White and Blue, then you probably know what is coming. The only colours used more than those of the flag in football are Red and Black. This does not make your team edgy or cool, it makes you boring and generic and no one wants to wear your logo. There I said it!

Okay, rant over and we have our top 10 teams, they will continue on to duke it out to the final to gain themselves one singular fan, I cannot wait and I know all the College’s reading this cannot wait either.

Top Ten Time

Now we are into the top 10, the margins are impossibly close, we have had geography, mascots, records and uniforms and these 10 powerhouses of College Football have survived the lot. We have mostly looked at the team as a whole, but now that we have weighed this up, it is time to dig a little deeper. For our next addition of picking our College Team we are going to look at some players and look at their impact on football as a whole, however significant that may be, join us for the next stage of the Rollercoaster.

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