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Jalen Wydermyer Draft Profile and Landing Spots

Our next instalment of NFL Draft Prospects sees us analyse Jalen Wydermyer, breaking down his draft profile and look at potential landing spots for him in the NFL.

Coming out of High School Jalen Wydermyer was not highly touted. Yes he was a 4 star recruit by some assessments however he was not on the national radar. It didn’t take long for that to change after his true freshman year produced 447 yards and 6 touchdowns to lead the team. Wydermyer continued his impressive performance through his sophomore season putting up 506 yard and a further 6 touchdowns. During the 2020 season Wydermyer broke the Texas A&M record for touchdowns by a TE and currently sits at 16. This year he currently leads the Aggies in receiving yards and is second in touchdowns.

Jalen Wydermyer Draft Profile

  • 6’5″
  • 255 pounds
  • Born in Dickinson, Texas
  • DOB: 20th December 2000 (Age 20)
  • 4 star recruit per 247 Sports
  • Selected Texas A&M over other schools such as Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Miami

Undrafted’s 2022 NFL Draft projection

  • Wydermyer could well be the TE1 of his class showing good hands and some improvement on the blocking front. That said his blocking has gone backwards slightly this year although has been dealing with a finger injury. In the modern NFL a top TE needs to be able to play all phases of the game. If Wydermyer can evidence these abilities then an early 2nd round selection could be his reward. There is even the potential he could creep into the 1st round dependant on how the rest of this year plays out. With his size and attitude to improve that we have seen in college I see no reason he can’t be successful at the NFL level.

You can see Wydermyer’s highlights here or the video is at the end of the page.

Stats to this point:

Jalen Wydermyer – Tape Analysis

  • His size and is perfect for the NFL, it will immediately give him an advantage as a receiver.
  • For a bigger guy his routes are really good.
  • Is improving as a blocker, although there is still work to do.
  • That said, he doesn’t shirk the responsibility. He attacks it with energy and effort.
  • He is certainly a better pass blocker than run blocker but that can be coached.
  • A 40 yard speed of 4.7 is not slow for a TE, he will be able to run away from players and his size helps with separation.
  • He runs with a good, low pad level making him very hard to tackle.
  • He has soft hands and catches a ball well under pressure.

NFL Potential Comp – Cameron Brate

Jalen Wydermyer Draft Profile and Landing Spots
Image Credit – The Post Newspaper

As with all (well 99%) of TE’s who enter the league I expect Wydermyer will take a year or two to fully develop. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drafted to be brought on slowly alongside a more experienced player, think Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz.

If he shows the required improvement in his blocking ability however then we could see a player who steps into a bigger role very early in his career. Whoever takes him has a great shot at finding an impact player for the next few years. The comparison to Cameron Brate above is no slight to Jalen Wydermyer. Brate has been the main man at TE for the Bucs for years, and will continue to be once Gronk leaves. If Wydermyer can have that career but on a team that uses the TE more often he will have done very well for himself.

3 Potential Draft Landing Spots for Jalen Wydermyer

Los Angeles Chargers

Losing Hunter Henry has been huge for the Chargers. Jared Cook has come in and picked up much of the slack but as we are seeing in New England, when used properly Henry was a wrecking ball. The problem the Chargers have is that if they have their top two WR’s taken out of the game then there isn’t all that much production down the middle. Yes Austin Ekeler helps out of the backfield but he can’t be the whole of the middle of the field game.

The Chargers have taken huge strides in improving their Offense whilst also keeping the average age down. This breeds continuity, the goal of any franchise. Having a TE who can get 8-10 touchdowns a year and be good for 80 receptions is worth their weight in gold. Just ask Baltimore, or the 49ers. Thanks to a couple of great drafts the Chargers can afford to pick best player available or fill certain positions rather than having to try to plug multiple holes. They could also keep Cook for another year and let Wydermyer learn from one of the best the league has seen in the last decade. There are worse things to do to help a new draft pick than that.

New York Jets

When Ryan Griffen is your most targeted TE then there is a problem. I mean, there is more than one problem in the green half of New York but you get my point. It seems a bit of a cop out to name the Jets as they will appear everywhere but that is what happens when you have such a weak squad. I would argue only the Texans are weaker and even they’ve shown some backbone this season. What Wydermyer would offer would be that big reliable body over the middle and, with any luck, some protection off the edge for Wilson.

Whilst it is likely that we see more defensive additions in this draft as Robert Salah tries to build his new version of the 49ers don’t discount a couple of big offensive pieces. Although I would argue that the line also needs help, top TEs don’t come around all that often, Wydermyer has a chance to be the best in this class.

Whilst either of their current picks, 4th and 8th are too rich for Jalen Wydermyer, there is every chance he slips to the second round and then he starts to look interesting. Jets fans start getting to know the name.

Tennessee Titans

Much the same as with the Chargers above, the Titans lost their star TE and haven’t replaced him. They also rely heavily on two outside receivers and a star running back. Again, as with the chargers above, Ryan Tannehill would love to have a more reliable target over the middle, someone who can move the chains consistently.

In a division that appears to be theirs for the taking for the foreseeable future the Titans need to grab the chance. The Texans and Jags are nowhere near relevant and the Colts are not as strong now as they will be in a year or two. Now is the time to make it count.

The Titans will be drafting in the mid 20s. About the time teams should start considering TE as a position to take. Whilst there will be other great options Jalen Wydermyer is definitely a decision that they should consider.

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