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Did Ole Gunnar Solskjær want Ronaldo?

There was so much optimism going into the 2021/22 season after the biblical return of the prodigal son “Cristiano Ronaldo”. But why has it all gone wrong? Ronaldo was meant to be the final piece in the Jigsaw puzzle. Bringing that serial winner attitude to a dressing room that needed it. However, we are now at the end of October and the club find themselves in turmoil coming off the back of an upsetting and unacceptable loss at the hands of rivals Liverpool.

Questions are being raised about whether the arrival of Ronaldo has helped or hindered this Manchester United team and strangely whether Ole Gunnar Solskjær ever wanted Ronaldo in the first place.

Read on to see what the Undrafted team have to say on the matter!

Manchester United fans deserve better': Cristiano Ronaldo after Liverpool  loss | Sports News,The Indian Express
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Jamie Evans

Put it this way, I don’t think Ronaldo was on the list of targets at the start of the summer window. But when it became apparent he was going to join rivals Manchester City, I’m pretty sure Solskjaer would have agreed to the signing when the United board decided to act and bring Ronaldo home. With Martial misfiring and Cavani highly injury prone, it’s a signing that works for the club with Ronaldo being nothing short of a machine, even at 36, there’s still plenty of life in the old dog. 


Who wouldn’t want Ronaldo? Ole himself may not have had a hand in the signing of Ronaldo but Ronaldo is still at this point of his career an amazing talent. The main focus for Ole this season is the needs for trophies and Ronaldo is a born winner. So regardless if he wanted to sign him or not he has him at the club now….so use him, don’t bench him! 


Initially I think the priority for Ole at United was ensuring they kept Cavani following his great run of form towards the back end of last season. However, as soon as Ronaldo became available and with the major interest of Man City, I believe Ole didn’t have a choice in bringing him back to United. I think that as soon as he became available that anyone would want him, you’d be silly to not want him in your team, even at 36.

Tom Clapham

Did Solskjaer want Ronaldo? It is difficult to say as I do not believe he has anything to do with the transfers at Manchester United. Anyone would jump at the opportunity to have Cristiano in their team as he is a legitimate game changer, even as he gets older. Ronaldo is not on United’s radar without interest from City so I do not believe Ole ever thought he could get him, but whatever Sir Alex says goes.

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