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Week 8 Buy or Sell Targets

Fantasy wise – I hope you all managed to survive ‘Byepocalypse’ last week and get a W.

Viewing wise – we were not treated very well with the TNF, SNF and MNF matchups.

Trade wise – I REALLY hope you bought low on AJ Brown while you had the chance, as I talked up in last week’s write up. I do have to apologise for my note on AJ Brown being on bye week last week however, my bad!

Let’s get straight into our week 8 trade targets:


Rob Gronkowski (TE – Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Gronk has missed the last 4 weeks due to a rib injury, but in his first three weeks he absolutely dominated. In Weeks 1-3 Gronk went for 16/184/4 on 21 targets.

The reason he is a buy now, is that he’s been injured for four weeks and it might be forgotten just how valuable he was. He looks like he’s good to return in week 8 against the Saints, and now Antonio Brown looks to be facing a multiple week absence. Good timing Rob.

If you can acquire him for WR3 value, that’s a potential playoff making/season winning/huge advantage play at TE for your roster.  

Tee Higgins (WR – Cincinnati Bengals)

Over the last three weeks Tee Higgins leads the Bengals in targets, with 28. Unfortunately, he has produced zero touchdowns and hasn’t been useful for fantasy managers anywhere, even in PPR.

Also unfortunately, Jamarr Chase is taking seemingly every other catch for an 80 yard touchdown, so is stealing the spotlight somewhat.

But Higgins’ value couldn’t be lower right now – he’s three weeks removed from a mult-week injury. He’s produced nothing in the box score. Jamarr Chase has vastly outproduced him.

Music to the ears of fellow fantasy managers. Joe Burrow is playing lights out, they still throw it often and HE LEADS THE TEAM IN TARGETS THE LAST THREE WEEKS.

The touchdowns will come, he still graded out in the top 20 on PFF in week 7, which suggests the 7 targets he didn’t catch weren’t all catchable.  I’d take a shot at Higgins with a WR3/4 like Hunter Renfrow or a big name like Allen Robinson or Julio Jones.

Calvin Ridley (WR – Atlanta Falcons)

Fourth game in a row with 10+ targets and hasn’t seen less than 8 in all 5 games played this season.

Scored a touchdown the past week but only went for 26 yards on 4 catches and 10 targets.

The Falcons offense is looking better by the week. Yes, Pitts and Patterson are getting healthy targets and the offense is not funnelled through Ridley like it was last year, but you have to follow the volume here.

His value is getting lower and lower and its only a matter of time until he blows up. If you can acquire Ridley at WR2 value, it’s a screaming buy low. I’d field offers with Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, Emmanuel Sanders.

Tyler Lockett (WR – Seattle Seahawks)

Since Russell Wilson went down, Tyler Lockett has been invincible. Sorry, not invincible, INVISIBLE.

Is Geno Smith this bad?? I spoke about the Lockett-Wilson connection a few weeks back as a sell high after week 2, but wow.

Lockett hasn’t topped 60 yards once in 5 weeks. He’s only topped 50 yards once. He’s literally been unplayable for your fantasy roster.

But Wilson is due to return in week 10, and that means points and touchdowns and yards. Three things that are GOOD for your roster. If you can buy low on Lockett, with the intention of holding him on your bench until week 10 when Wilson returns, he could blow up for your playoff run down the stretch.

I’d bet there’s trades done as a straight swap for Jerry Jeudy, Devonta Smith, Corey Davis, Sterling Shepard (if he returns this week).


Myles Gaskin (RB – Miami Dolphins)

Gaskin made the sell high list a couple weeks back after his huge game against the Bucs. He then followed it with a dud, and then resurfaced in week 7 with a 15 carry game dominating Dolphins backfield touches. Cool cool cool.

You’re only starting him if you have a bye week, and even then you don’t know if you’re going to get a dud or something start-worthy. The Dolphins staff weren’t joking when they said it would be a committee. Here’s Gaskin’s snap counts the last 5 weeks

Week 3 – 52%
Week 4 – 23%
Week 5 – 68%
Week 6 – 36%
Week 7 – 63%

The only identifiable trend is that when Gaskin receives low snaps one week, the next week it jumps up again. So sell him now off of a 63% snap, 19 touch, 77 yards and a score game, then watch with joy as your buyer is infuriated for the remaining 10 weeks of the fantasy season. Maybe you can send him off to get Tyler Lockett for the post week 10 stretch.

Marquise Brown (WR – Baltimore Ravens)

Hollywood has been…Hollywood, this season. He’s made a markable step up this season, currently sitting as WR4 in standard scoring, going for 57/37/566/6 over 7 games. Not bad for the 12th round price tag in drafts.

However, Rashod Bateman is working his way back from injury and certainly looks the part. Mark Andrew is making more of a splash after a slow start. There’s definitely a case for Brown’s target share to go down after their week 8 bye. Plus the schedule looks to get tougher from week 9 onwards.

Marquise Brown is coming off a 14 target, 80 yard and a TD game so he’s ripe and ready to sell at a high value. If you could package Brown up and trade for Tyreek Hill, Justin Jefferson or Jamarr Chase, I would go ahead and do that. Otherwise stick and hope he continues producing.

Khalil Herbert (RB – Chicago Bears)

David Montgomery is due to return within the next 2 weeks, or week 11 after the Bears week 10 bye. Damien Williams is working his way back from COVID illness.

Herbert has been fantastic and is the only running back this season to have run for over 67 yards against Tampa Bay. No TEAM has even rushed for over 73 yards. You grabbed him off the waiver wire, and he’s working out very, very well for you.

Until week 11 that is. When Montgomery is back he at best gets a timeshare situation. With the state of the running back landscape, I think you could very feasibly go out there and package Herbert up to trade for Calvin Ridley or Keenan Allen. Maybe even see if the CMC owner is desperate for production at their RB slot and go get CMC.

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