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Kyle Hamilton Draft Profile and Landing Spots – NFL Draft 2022

Our next instalment of NFL Draft Prospects sees us analyse Kyle Hamilton, breaking down his draft profile and looking at potential landing spots for him in the NFL. 

Hamilton has been a bright star in the Irish Defense. He has proven himself a consistent talent over the last 3 years in this Notre Dame team. Under defensive coach, Marcus Freeman, Hamilton has really flourished and cemented himself as my favorite Safety in Aprils Draft. The Safety is a real leader in the Irish secondary. With 3 INT’s on the season already, he is an inspiration to all his teammates on and off the field.

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Kyle Hamilton Draft Profile

  • 6’4″
  • 220 lbs
  • Born in Heraklion, Greece
  • DOB: 16 March 2001 (Age 20)
  • 4 star recruit out of Marist School, Georgia
  • USA Today High School All-American

Undrafted’s 2022 NFL Draft Projection

Top-10 pick: Hamilton is a sure lock-in for a Top-10 spot in April’s Draft. I could even see him going in the Top-5 if the correct teams fall into those selecting spots. I believe that a Top-5 player should be a guy that has an impact on every single play. That’s exactly what Hamilton brings! With a high football IQ and huge frame, Hamilton for sure will be up there with the likes of Thibodeaux, Stingley, Neal, Hutchinson and Corral in the Draft.

Stats To This Point

Here’s what stands out on his tape:

  • Incredibly versatile! Just as good when pressuring as he is in the backfield
  • Has an incredibly high football IQ, possible the best out of any player in the draft
  • A freak of an athlete, 6’4″, 220 lbs with his speed and flexibility shouldn’t be humanly possible
  • Seems to know where the ball is going before anybody else on the field
  • Very disruptive with his height and stupidly long reach. You almost feel sorry for any receiver going up against him
  • Can be the single high safety and cover sideline to sideline
  • Mature for his age, a real leader on the field
  • His tackling has really improved, missing only 6.5% this season
  • Just having him in the backfield makes every QB second guess their throws

NFL Potential Comparison – Justin Simmons

The former Clemson player selected in the 3rd round by the Broncos is the perfect pro comparison for Hamilton. Although Hamilton has 2″ and 18 lbs on Simmons, there is a real resemblance as to how they play. The strengths the two players share is uncanny. Much like the Notre Dame player, Simmons is also a ball-hawk. He leads all NFL safeties in INT’s since 2017, very much due in part to his fluid-moving abilities and his ability to read the game. Also much like Hamilton, Simmons has a fantastic ability to help against the run. He often finds himself coming up into the box and with his disciplined tackling finds himself making play after play.

Kyle Hamilton Draft Profile
Kyle Hamilton Draft Profile

3 Potential Draft Landing Spots for Kyle Hamilton in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles

This is my favorite landing spot for Hamilton. I don’t know why but Hamilton just screams Eagle player to me. At the time of writing, the Eagles have three 1st round picks in Aprils draft. This gives them a fantastic opportunity to improve and bolster their squad. I could possibly see Philadelphia going all out on defense in the 1st round, possibly a CB in Ahmad Gardner and an Edge in Aidan Hutchinson. If Hamilton is still available when Philadelphia is on the clock first time round I can’t see them passing him up.

With his size and ability to help against the run he is the perfect safety to play in a division that has strong running-backs in Gibson, Zeke and Barkley. Both current starting safeties, McLeod and Harris, seem more and more likely to becoming free agents at the end of the season. If this is the case then the Eagles are really crying for a player like Hamilton.

New York Jets

At the time of writing this, the Jets currently occupy the 4th overall spot in the 2022 Draft. They also have another 1st round pick via the Seahawks, with the value of that pick rising every week with Russell Wilson out of action. The pick from Seattle is from the trade of the All-Pro Safety, Jamal Adams, from the Jets to the Seahawks. For me its a hard match-up between choosing Hamilton or some protection for Zach Wilson such as Iowa’s Tyler Linderbaum. With 9 sacks already on Wilson this season and needing big help in coverage its a really hard one to call.

Here’s why the Jets need Hamilton badly. A huge factor in the Jets decision will be on the contract of Marcus Maye. Maye is playing this season on a Franchise Tag deal worth $10 Million after the 2 parties failed to agree on a long-term contract by the July deadline. With many teams crying out for Safety help I could see him backing himself in the free agency market. With the rest of the Safety collection being incredibly sub-par the addition of Hamilton would be a great start to rebuilding this Jets defense.

Washington Football Team

For me this is the least likely of the 3 teams. Although they are the team that’s crying out for Safety help the most. Currently Washington have the 2nd worse grade in Coverage out of all 32 teams. On the other hand, Washington could easily also go for a QB in Corall or Willis with this pick.

Throughout this season it has became abundantly clear that Washington’s current safeties McCain and Collins aren’t up to standard. Pair Hamilton and current Washington Safety Kamren Curl together in the backfield and suddenly the Washington defense gets a whole lot stronger. As previously mentioned, Hamilton is primed for this division with his ability to step up into the box and help out against the run.

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