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Breece Hall Draft Profile and Landing Spots

Our next instalment of NFL Draft Prospects sees us analyse Breece Hall, breaking down his draft profile and look at potential landing spots for him in the NFL.

Whilst Iowa State haven’t lived up to all of the pre-season hype, Breece Hall continues to stand out. Ever since David Montgomery left for the NFL in Hall’s true freshman year he has produced for the Cyclones. Consistently topping end of season lists, Hall has been immense in the lead role. This year has been no different and he looks set for another 1,500 yard season.

Breece Hall Draft Profile

  • 6’1″
  • 215 pounds
  • Born in Wichita, Kansas
  • DOB: 31 May 2001 (Age 20)
  • 3 or 4 star recruit dependant on which outlet you look at.
  • Chose Iowa State over Michigan, Ole Miss and Iowa amongst others.

Undrafted’s Draft Projection

  • Has every chance to be the RB1 in the 2022 Draft. Whilst it will be between Breece Hall and Isaiah Spiller for that spot I think Hall could end up slipping to RB2. Spiller hasn’t had such a standout season but is on the team that beat Alabama. These things stick in GM’s heads, even if Spiller didn’t have the greatest game himself. If this happens I think the team getting Hall gets the better back. Hall will end up either going at the back of the 1st or start of the 2nd round. His position just doesn’t demand picking much higher than that. Unless you’re Ezekiel Elliot.

You can watch his latest highlights here, or find them at the bottom of the page.

Stats to this point:

Breece Hall – Tape Analysis

  • Hall has an athletic profile and possesses above average short-area burst whilst maintaining speed once he gets going.
  • Coupled with this is good footwork and flexible hips. He can work in small spaces as well as out in the open.
  • Vision. He can spot lanes that many other backs may not.
  • His size allows him to regularly break tackles and he maintains good balance when hit. He does not go down at first contact often at all.
  • Potential 3-down back in the NFL.
  • Despite his explosiveness, Hall also shows good patience, allowing plays to develop in front of him.
  • Has a few moves he can use to his advantage, his stiff arm and spin move are both effective when utilised.
  • One concern teams may have is the mileage on those legs. That said, in a league where Backs are replaced often teams may be drawn to a 4-5 year rookie contract and the benefits they will get immediately. In his defence, Hall is not a guy who goes down to injury much at all.

NFL Potential Comp – David Montgomery

Breece Hall Draft Profile Analysis
Image Credit – The Register Guard

Breece Hall has the skills required to play the 3-down role at the next level He will need to continue to develop his receiving and pass blocking skills but there is no reason he cannot do this. With his size and skills, Hall can be a difference maker for a team who needs help at the Running Back position. In the modern NFL you need a balanced Offence and there are multiple teams who could use the upgrade that Hall provides.

3 Potential Draft Landing Spots for Breece Hall

Miami Dolphins

If there is a team in the league who needs a consistent running game more than Miami please let me know. Gaskin and Ahmed are not the answer and neither is Gerrid Doaks who sits on their practice squad. Having watched the total lack of effort from this position in London it is clear there needs to be a change. It pains me as a Washington Huskies fan to say this about two former alumni but facts are facts. The team should have taken Javonte Williams in the last Draft but they should have a chance this year to rectify that. Currently despite their poor season to date, the Dolphins have only the 10th pick. They would also have the 2nd but traded their pick to move up to the spot where they eventually took Jaylen Waddle this year.

10th may be a little rich for the Dolphins there and it may be that they hold out and hope Hall (or Spiller) makes it to pick 34 which they would have. I expect a Lineman to be the first pick if they stick at 10th. If they trade back however then Hall will come into play for them and should he become a Dolphin then fans can be extremely happy about it. Even if they have to reach a bit for him, they need to!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This team needs nothing at the moment but they can t keep everyone again next year. Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette are both out of contact for 2022. With Breece Hall available, the Bucs may want to save some money at the position. The Bucs have an embarrassment of riches at every position you look at. Running Back can be sorted for the next 4-5 years with the addition of Hall who can take on the 3-down role and the team can employ a 3rd down specialist to supplement him. Giovanni Bernard may well be back.

Picking at the end of the first allows for the team to go whichever way they want to. Hall would allow them to continue to develop the run game that we have seen come more to the forefront of the teams play this year. Fournette has come in and done a wonderful job but he will be looking for a bigger contract after 2021. Someone else will pay him more than the Bucs. Breece Hall can be one of those rookies 2who comes in, contributes early and has an immediate shot at a Championship ring. They say playing at his position makes him dispensable, it also offers the chance to go straight onto a contending team.

Philadelphia Eagles

Miles Sanders will be gone after this season and Kenneth Gainwell is not a 3 down back. The Eagles are likely going to have a higher pick than their own in the form of the Dolphins pick and so can address their primary need with that. This allows them to sort a secondary need with this pick and Hall would solve an issue they have had for a while. The running game in Philly is not great. Sanders just hasn’t progressed as the team would have wanted. Breece Hall could come in and solve any concern about this position for the next half a decade.

Yes there will need to be an improvement with the Philly O-line but that shouldn’t negate the selection of a potential future star. Especially whilst there are so many potential high picks available to the team. This is how the Browns got to where they are now, tell me the Eagles fans wouldn’t love to be there.

Whilst the Eagles will need to address more than a couple of other positions, the running game shouldn’t be ignored. That said, currently the Eagles have 3 picks inside the top 13 picks and another at 40. There is definitely a world where Hall is available at 40 should they not wish to grab him earlier. Finally, so yes, Jalen Hurts also runs the ball. As we have seen in Baltimore though, this can often help a back produce. It isn’t something that would concern me too much at all. Breece Hall can be a game changer for this team, Eagles fans will have that impact player to hold onto much the same as they have seen the cowboys do since 2017.

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