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Picking your College Team: A Guide – Part 5

It’s mascot time! Synonymous with your College team, a mascot can be a real gamechanger. Usually residing in the logo, and in physical form whenever possible, they really are the heart and soul of the team. My love for American Football started with the Miami Dolphins and the logo and the mascot had a huge impact on me. The Dolphin and his helmet was the logo for me, Flipper the dolphin in the tank at the stadium was an interesting take on the mascot, but T.D the current mascot is the best in the business.

Image Credit – College Football News

For the first time in this series, we have immunity on the table for three of our college teams, The UTSA Roadrunners, the San Diego State Aztecs and the SMU Mustangs. UTSA has Rowdy the Roadrunner, SMU has Peruna who is both a Mustang mascot and a real horse, and San Diego State has themselves a human Aztec Warrior. Mascots can be very different from team to team, so ranking them may be hard, but my gut feeling will bring me through.

Last Mascot Standing

When going through the mascots, we have some great, some good, some bad and some that are just awful. I have my personal opinions, however some deserve to be eliminated regardless of how you individually feel about them, looking at you Penn State. Some of the keys that swayed my decision, I like a college mascot in a suit, so real life mascots are not my favourite. I am also a fan of individuality, therefore a mascot that is not like the others is a plus point. With all that on the table, and as we cut our teams down by another 10, we break into our final 22 teams.

The 10 teams leaving our race this time are as follows:

Stanford – It is a tree, I am not sure I need to explain that one any further.

Penn State – It is the worst mascot in football, as you can see below, it looks like it was bought from a cheap Halloween shop.

Image Credit – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Florida State – Their mascot is a person in full Native American gear, at this point in sports, its unnecessary.

Tennessee – They fall into the trap of their mascot primarily being a live animal.

Texas A&M – Same problem as Tennessee, their mascot is a real dog.

UTEP – Listen, it’s just some dude, like a big headed human being, which is just boring.

BYU – So this costume kind of looks like a man turned into a cat, honestly it is just a bit weird.

Now we have some face offs, the Bulldogs, the Bulls and the Owls. While some of these logos look very good, at least one of each needs to go. There are three Owls, therefore we will see one eliminated.

FAU – Losing the battle of the Owls is Florida Atlantic, the Owl is a bird of prey, but FAU’s version is looking too happy.

Texas – The Longhorns lose the battle on two fronts for the Bulls, firstly due to the real bull and secondly they have the inferior mascot.

Fresno State – We lose our final team due again to their over reliance on a real dog for their mascot.

And that is our eliminated ten.

We lose come college powerhouses, but in order to win you have to complete every challenge, and wearing your team merchandise will very likely involve that mascot. You have to want to wear the gear if you want to support the team.

Image Credit – NBC Sports

The Final 22 trial

Continuing our quest for that one perfect team, we continue with this theme of the aesthetics and we move over to the uniform colours. We need to lose another 10 teams, which would normally drop us to 12 remaining, however we are going to the business end of this run which means we need to be brutal. These past two weeks have featured immunities, however at the conclusion of uniform colours elimination we will see an additional two teams cut from the pack via a vote, all the teams will be polled within the undrafted community. The two with the most picks will be out too. Next week no one is safe.

For more of the series, check out our college section here.

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