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Picking your College Team: A Guide – Part 4

In sports winning is everything, if you are not winning, you are not trying and because of this, a win condition was always going to emerge in our process for finding that special College Team. Now going unbeaten, especially in College Football is very important, but if we start only picking unbeaten teams then that list may be none existent. The condition for this elimination is as follows, the teams who have survived so far must have had a win streak. This does not mean they should be unbeaten, but in the weeks since the season started they must have won at least one set of back to back games.

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At this point we have 42 teams remaining from 13 states so we still have a wealth of contenders, however eliminations are key in this game, without further ado, we begin the cutting of teams. With a minimum of 6 weeks played, teams should be ready to be judged. While it is not vital to be unbeaten, there should always be a prize for going the extra mile, so any unbeaten teams get themselves a week of immunity which will activate during Part 5.

Through the process of elimination I managed to whittle it down further, dropping 10 teams on the way. These teams had been unable to put together any kind of winning streak, including former powerhouses like Miami and USC. The gift of immunity from the next elimination is afforded to only three as they have remained unbeaten from the list I created. They are:

UTSA Roadrunners
San Diego State Aztecs
SMU Mustangs

These teams have managed to position themselves without fear of being removed from the competition. What then is next, how do we remove further teams next time around?

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Every team has a mascot of varying successes, but everyone has one. I love a good mascot and feel that not only do they impact the team’s performance, but they can also bring some real entertainment to the experience of supporting your favourite team. These mascots usually reside on the badge in one form or another as well, therefore the next elimination with be a rating of the teams mascots and their logos, bottom 10 are out of the race to be my College team, with a special immunity planned for one team bestowed by my better half.

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