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Empire Fantasy – The First 5 Weeks

So, here we are. 5 weeks have passed since the start of the inaugural Empire Fantasy season. I won’t lie, things have gone well for me to this point. 5-0 is not a bad place to be sitting. I, for now, am comfortably inside the top 50% and primed to make a push for the playoffs. this is in stark contrast to our own Alex Buck who I believe currently sits at 0-5. Some of us just have it…

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This week presents the first challenge I’m going to have to overcome, aside form Calvin Ridley’s poor start to the season. It appears that having a player on bye means that unless he is switched out prior to the start of the game week, they just do not count towards your score. For those stuck in the same boat as me, I’ve worked out how to switch them.

Go to the previous game week and make the switch there. This then shows up in the current week. Sounds confusing, it isn’t once you try it. It is worth knowing this however otherwise you’re at a disadvantage before you even start.

That said with the way Lamar, Brady and Davante Adams have played, I couldn’t be happier with my team. As I sit writing this I already have 18 points banked form Brady. Sitting 5 points above the average team score for the week to date is a good feeling. Currently the standings seem to be set based on total points scored so it will be interesting to see how that plays for the rest of the season.

So how has my team done to date? Well I am sat at position 151 out of 910 registered teams, not too shabby at all! How are the players themselves doing though, that’s the important thing?


This has been the dream position. I had a good feeling about Brady before the season and he’s paid that off in a big way. 135 points in 5 weeks for an average of 27 is a great return. Accompanying him I have my lord and saviour Lamar Jackson. 130 points for an average of 26 a week will do quite nicely. Man I love that guy more than is healthy!

Weekly Position Average – 53 points

Conclusion – 2 big hits!

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – OCTOBER 11: Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens rushes during the fourth quarter in a game against the Indianapolis Colts at M&T Bank Stadium on October 11, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)


This position started off better than it is currently going. TySon Williams initially looked like another smash play for the Ravens at running back. That didn’t last. Since week 1 his performance has fallen off a cliff. He survived 4 weeks in my lineup then he was out of there, replaced quite nicely by Zack Moss.

David Montgomery again survived 4 weeks before being hit by the injury bug and currently sits recuperating on my bench. He will be straight back in once fit and healthy. Averaging 14.25 points per week gets you that treatment. Trey Sermon made it through 2 weeks. 1 point in that time meant he was gone and Javonte Williams stepped up. As a guy who I think will see his workload increase through the season I am happy enough with him for now. It’s a position group in flux and I am yet to fully have it sorted.

Weekly Position Average – 26 points

Conclusion – nearly 9 points per player slot isn’t great, could do better.


This is the tale of 1 stud, 1 dud and 1 surprise to this point. Davante Adams has been immense. Currently he sits at a weekly average of 18 points. For a non-QB I couldn’t ask for more. Well I could, 20 would be great but let’s not get greedy. Tyrell Williams gave me two very uninspiring weeks before I parachuted in A.J. Green out of sheer desperation. 29 points in his first two weeks was just what the doctor ordered.

And then the dud. Calvin Ridley was expensive and has been poor. As he is on bye I cannot currently see what he cost me but I am sure it was about 1/6 of my total budget. To date he has secured me the grand total of 46 points. That whole 9.2 points per week stinks, for the price I paid at least. He had better come good as I don’t know if I can stomach losing $17 on him if I sell him. This feels like the sit and pray player for the year to me.

Weekly Points Average – 33.8

Conclusion – Adams great the rest, meh. If Ridley comes good then I’ll be fine.

Image Credit – Fansided


T.J Hockenson, what can I say? Two huge weeks followed by 3 awful weeks. This is the last week I have any patience left for him. He cost me a bit but when there is production from the likes of Dalton Schultz for an eighth of the price it cannot go on. What makes it worse is my preseason TE darling Adam Trautman may as well not be in the NFL. That is 100% a miss from me there.

Weekly Points Average – 10 (50 points but 39 in weeks 1-2)

Conclusion – His seat is so hot it’s burning him.

The Platform

So there we are, some hits and some misses. With the first chunk of the season out of the way I have an idea what I am doing now I will be back with a further update in about a month again. Prepare to be blinded by my brilliance then again!

Up to this point Empire Fantasy has been a dream to use. It is easy to navigate and the Marketplace is nice and straightforward. I made a profit selling off TySon Williams after a big week. It’s fun to sit and tinker with the team through the week. What I have noticed is that I care a lot more about my marquee players actually playing well. If you spend big and miss, selling them is a loss financially and you then don’t have the funds to replace at the same level. Calvin Ridley would have been gone a couple of weeks ago but I am riding out that storm. It has to get better!!

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