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Sean Tucker – 2021 Heisman Winner?

I, like many U.K. American football fans, find myself diving deeper and deeper into the world of college football.

Most Saturday evenings (and Sunday mornings..) I end up watching numerous college games, and to be honest, I probably enjoy them more than the NFL.

Finding Tucker

This particular Saturday, I found myself on YouTube watching a stream of Syracuse Orange playing at home to Albany. This is when I first found Sean Tucker.

Now believe me, I’m not exaggerating when I say this guy was EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere.

Sean Tucker is predominantly a running back, and in this particular game Tucker racked up stats that would blow your mind.

The running game was exceptional. He managed 132 rushing yards, averaging a whopping 10.2 yards per carry. Impressive, right?

Now let me tell you, that during those 132 rushing yards, Tucker secured FOUR touchdowns. 4. Getting even more impressed?

And if these stats weren’t enough, the young RB is also a dual threat.

Tucker also racked up an incredible 121 receiving yards, scoring another touchdown to take his tally to 5 for the day. 5 touchdowns.

It was this point where I realised that Sean Tucker was special. Very special.

Syracuse Fan?

After watching college football for nearly a year now, I still haven’t got a team. Until now? Do I choose Syracuse as my college team?

I’m certainly leaning towards them.

Not only do they have Sean Tucker, but they also have a highly talented QB in Garrett Shrader, alongside many other fantastic young players.

After seeing demolition of Albany, naturally I continued to watch them, and Tucker continued to impress. The week after the Albany match, Syracuse matched up against Liberty, trying to make them 3-1 for the season.

Now I expected Sean Tucker to have a good game, but surely he couldn’t be as good as the week before?

He could.

Once again, Tucker led both the rushing and receiving yards for his side, scoring a crucial touchdown and racking up nearly 200 yards combined rushing and receiving in a closely fought 24-21 victory.

The week after, The Orange fell short to Florida State, losing to a late field goal. However Tucker once again performed well, rushing for over 100 yards, as he has done in every game this season bar one.

Now, last week for me was the best performance I’ve seen from the running-back. Despite losing a nail biting game against the unbeaten Wake Forest, Tucker managed a whopping 153 rushing yards for 2 touchdowns, with another 29 receiving yards and a third touchdown of the day.


Remember that Wake Forest don’t concede many points at all, let alone touchdowns…

Sean Tucker For Heisman?

Credit; ESPN

So, you’ve seen the stats. Sean Tucker is a beast. Let’s be honest. I’ve seen enough in 4 games to know this guy is special.

After seeing the game against Albany, I naturally googled Tucker and surprisingly not much came up.

Now as the weeks went on, and the more impressive he got, more and more appeared.

The latest to appear, being none other than former award winner Robert Griffin III putting Tucker in his Heisman watch, leading to numerous friends, teammates and now fans getting #SeanTuckerForHeisman floating about the world of social media.

But at odds of around 50/1, can Sean Tucker really win the Heisman?

Yes. Yes he can.

Now don’t just take my word for it, this man is a problem. Dual threat, strong, fast, and just an all round talent.

In 6 games, Tucker is currently sat at 9 TD’s, and 791 yards. IN 6 GAMES!

With 6 games left of the schedule, I would definitely say 15 touchdowns minimum for the Syracuse running back.

Clemson @ Syracuse

Now, remember this article when Tucker has a standout game at the weekend.

None other than the Clemson Tigers come to town on Friday (Saturday for us in the U.K.!)

Catch the game at midnight on ESPN, and see Tucker in action against one of the best college football teams around!

All links to Sean’s social media are below!

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