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Klopp? Pep? Tuchel? – Who is the best manger?

Klopp, Pep, and Tuchel. 3 managers at the top of their game currently. Pep Guardiola, famous for bringing a new style of play to football back when he was at Barcelona, the best team of all time. Jurgen Klopp changed the game and has brought the gegenpress that he perfected in Germany to the Premier League. Thomas Tuchel, his resilient style may not be as pleasing on the eye, but it gets results. So we asked our Football writers their opinions on which one of the three is the better manager.

Jamie Evans

Jurgen Klopp gets Jamie’s vote due to his outstanding work at Dortmund and for changing Liverpool’s fortunes around.
Image Credit: Goal.com

Jurgen Klopp

Pains me to say it as a United fan, but I’ve got to pick him. Thoroughly enjoyed watching his Dortmund side play when he was in charge there when they won the league ahead of Bayern Munich, which is not an easy thing to do when they dominate German football year in year out. 

But the main reason I am choosing him is that he makes average players look like world-beaters. Players like Henderson, Wijnaldum, Milner, all good players obviously, but they have developed into very good players under Klopp. He is also great at finding players to fit his style of play. What Klopp has managed to achieve at Liverpool, while on a shoestring budget in comparison with the other big clubs, has to be commended. I just hope it all comes crashing down soon….

Chris Juffs

Chelsea fan Chris chooses Jurgen over Tuchel and Pep. Surprising choice from the blue.
Image Credit: GQ Magazine

Jurgen Klopp

Now, Pep Guardiola is a fantastic manager, however, most of his sides have been ready to win. This wasn’t the case when Jurgen Klopp took over at Liverpool.

As Jamie touched on, a few years ago you’d have looked at that Liverpool side and you really wouldn’t have thought much of it, would you? 

However, he made them into world-beaters. Players like Divock Origi scored in the Champions League final, and against Barcelona. Jordan Henderson captaining a European winning side.

When City are spending £100m on one player, Jurgen Klopp has that to spend over 5 years, and still, The Reds are competing with them year in year out.

Mike Vicary

Mike sits on the fence and struggles to pick a number 1 between Klopp and Guardiola.
Image Credit: Eurosport

Pep and/or Klopp. Let me explain…

This was a tough one. My heart thinks Klopp, but my head says Pep. For me, Pep is a revolutionary, he changed the way many managers, players & teams approach the game. He demands perfection from his players no matter the scoreline. The fact he came away with 4 points at Chelsea & Liverpool with no recognised no9 is impressive. 

But the reality is part of the reason Pep has gone to another level recently is due to Klopp. He said it himself. Klopp had the better of him for a while and that was due to his high octane pressing style football. Pep has now adopted that approach at times and it was very evident in the Chelsea game. As a Liverpool fan, I do sometimes look on with envy at the way Pep teams control the final third of the pitch, but his lack of champions league glory without Messi is a red flag on his legacy, so far.

Klopp, it’s hard to put into words how influential he is on players. I’m confident he could manage at any level of the game and greatly improve the team he gets handed. I don’t feel the same way about Pep. 

Tuchel, I’d argue he’s the best defensive coach out of the three. He certainly is a great coach in his own right and got the better of Pep on the biggest stage last season. But what separates him from the other two currently, is Pep & Klopp are not scared to try and beat the best, whereas Tuchel has a Mourinho approach in the bigger games and I just don’t appreciate that as much. I have to admit, I’ve not paid as close attention to Tuchel as I have the other two though.


Pep is the best in the world at working with elite, world-class players. Klopp is the best in the world at helping players reach that elite level.

Danny Carr

Danny also votes Jurgen Klopp.
Image Credit: DW.com

Jurgen Klopp 

It would be easy to give this to either Pep Guardiola or Thomas Tuchel based on the trophies they have won over the years… but for me, and it pains me to say it as a United fan, but Jurgen Klopp has done wonders with a Liverpool team that finished 8th in his first campaign.

From his first full season in the Premier League, the German manager has guided Liverpool to minimum 4th place each year and has completely rebuilt their squad, turning them into title contenders each year.

Since joining in 2015, he’s spent just shy of £500m, which still sounds a lot, but when you compare it to Pep’s £1bn at Man City, it doesn’t seem too bad at all.

Klopp has helped Liverpool to a first Premier League title in 30 years and extended their European success to 6 Champions Leagues following the 2-0 victory over Spurs in the 2018/2019 Champions League final.

It’s hard for me to comment on Tuchel’s successes because the majority have come in Ligue 1 with PSG. However, he’s had a great start with Chelsea and might be in the conversation soon.

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