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Give it a rest Wenger

Arsene Wenger, a legend at Arsenal. He is still a legend at Arsenal isn’t he? Regardless if he is or isn’t now, one thing for certain is that Wenger needs to stop trying to ‘Save’ football by trying to force MORE football into an already bursting calendar.

Bruno Fernandes played nearly 70 games last season (if you include International appearances) which is quite a fair amount of football, especially when you consider that these are all matches at the highest level of the game so the intensity is relentless, meaning that the risk of injury is increased with every additional match played, especially when adequate rest and recuperation is not an option.

There is currently top level football available on our TV screens nearly 7 days a week. They do say that you can have too much of a good thing, which looking at my eating habits during lockdown I can confirm to be true. Anyway the point being that the game is already close to saturation point where both casual and loyal football fans are being swamped with football to the extent that it is losing its appeal to some.

So with all of that in mind what is it that Wenger is looking to implement? Well as outlined in the above tweet from Matt Slater, FIFA are keen to push through Wengers idea of a World Cup every 2 years. They are stating that football fans around the world are keen for more World Cup competitions but what would be interesting is to know is exactly where these fans are based geographically. I would take a punt at them not being from most if not all of the European countries…….

The World Cup is the pinnacle of the sport and switching that from every 4 years down to just 2 automatically removes a layer of prestige from the tournament. An element of the appeal to a World Cup is that you do have to wait for it to come around, not everything in the world is meant to have instant gratification guys!

As you can see, not all of Twitter seem to be fans of the 2 year proposal.

Seb does make a great point in amongst his sick faced emojis, in that football is for the fans. The fact is this proposal strikes as a money grab from FIFA as opposed to any kind of improvement for fans.

What does a World Cup every two years actually provide for the fans? Unfortunately it seems to be more and more likely that we are all going to find out the answer to this question. FIFA seem determined to push through this change and with Wenger at the helm “The Professor” seems set to teach us exactly how excited we should all be at the prospect of it.

“Personally, I would say that every talent deserves a chance in life, and that is not the case today,”

Arsene Wenger – When speaking about opportunities for footballers outside of Europe.

An increased amount of World Cups could well lead to some smaller nations upsetting the apple cart and increase their overall exposure for their players to the marketplace. This could help grow the game in other parts of the world as they see fellow countrymen be successful on a world stage, is it selfish to say that this alone is not enough to warrant the change? I will let you be the judge of that.

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