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Return to Sender: Laremy Tunsil back to South Beach

Right, well, this feels weird. I am not sure how I feel about this article and I am the one writing it. We as Dolphins fans have had to suffer through two weeks of objectively poor Offensive Line play. Our centre looks okay it parts, but for the most part look overmatched, our Guards cannot run block and our Tackles cannot Pass Block. The potential that was shown last year has all but evaporated and we are lucky to be 1-1. Something needs to happen, and soon, and honestly the solution feels like a familiar, Laremy Tunsil shaped one.

That’s right, we need to go out and grab Laremy Tunsil.

I cannot be serious right? The tackle that got us where we are today with the bounty of picks we received for him and I am calling for his return? Absolutely. Okay so one sticking point may be that he was traded in Flores’ first season, however with such a lucrative offer, why would you turn it down. There are other players out there who would fit the bill, however Tunsil sticks out for 3 reasons.

Finally… A pass blocker

To say the Dolphins tackles were woeful in pass protection this past week, is an insult to the world woeful. Austin Jackson has graded out at 35.8 whereas Jesse Davis is not much better with 41.3, this is subsequently the worse two grades on the line. Tunsil has a 71.4 for his pass protection, 7 points higher than any current member of the Miami Dolphins Offensive Line. Maybe this is a little early for a panic as Robert Hunt and Liam Eichenberg have not had the chance to try their luck at the position, but with news reports alleging that Solomon Kindley loses out at Right Guard this week for the Rookie Eichenberg, that would suggest the tackles will remain.

My point has obviously already swayed you but if not, my dear Dolphins fans, check out this all 22 breakdown from our genius analyst Alex as he shows us all how broken that O line really is.

Point one is in favour of a Tunsil return.

Abandon (the sinking) Ship

Despite the downright ugly display versus the Buffalo Bills, the Dolphins are a team on the rise. Tunsil’s current employers, the Houston Texans, face a much more uncertain future. With DeShaun Watson out of there as soon as possible, what remains is the unluckiest man in football Tyrod Taylor and a Rookie out a year early in Davis Mills. The Texans are fighting tooth and nail and it shows in the games they have played so far, beating a bad Jacksonville team and staying competitive with a team destined for the Superbowl in the Browns if preseason analysis is to be listened to. Why then would Tunsil want to leave this team? Well Taylor may unfortunately be top of that list.

Image Credit – The Athletic

He is seemingly injured again, which while it is not his fault, is the reason the Texans were competitive. You can be the best in the world at what you do, but if the Quarterback behind you is not ready, the whole team will fall apart. The Texans will try hard all year, but they are just starting a very long and very painful rebuild, one that will not be complete anytime soon. Tunsil is 27 now, meaning even significant growth in Houston is unlikely to happen before he is 30, do you think he wants to be another Calvin Johnson, being an excellent player destined to lose your entire career?

Point two is absolutely in favour of a Tunsil return.

Loyalty? What Loyalty

This is a word that is thrown around all the time in professional sports and for what? So fans can vilify their favourite sportstars into staying on their favourite team. Players in the NFL are always told to be loyal to teams and to fans as they have their chance because of them, forgetting that one injury or season of bad play could see them out of a job. The Texans organisation is in flux, and that uncertainty cannot feel good. Players like Tunsil who are good enough to get themselves a better job elsewhere should be looking and flexing their trade request muscles.

When the Dolphins could cash in on Tunsil, they did, seeing an opportunity to make back what they spent on one their players. This showed a lack of loyalty to the player, and they felt they could replace him through the draft. At this stage this has not happened. There may be some humble conversations to be had, however, with the Texans desperate for picks and the Dolphins in dire need of protection up from, this one feels like a match.

Point three, well you get the gist.

In the immortal words of the great Jean Valjean from Les Miserables…. Bring him home!

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