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Anthony Richardson – College Football Spotlight

I’m not sure i’ve ever watched a college football game with one guy having as many highlights in as few plays. But Florida Gator QB Anthony Richardson is a different breed of human being. There are not many guys who can pull off feats of athleticism quite like he has already shown in the early goings of this college football season, and he’s only just getting started.

In week 1, on limited reps as the current ‘back up’ QB, Richardson stiff armed a guy into the ground. Then threw a completion down the side line. He then ran off on a QB keeper for a 73 yard touchdown. 73 yards. How many QBs not named Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson can just run away from a whole teams defence just like that. And to top it off, he hurdled a guy with barely any run up in a congested field. All of that would be impressive anyway, then you factor in the fact that he’s 6 foot 4 inches tall, and 240 pounds of athlete… Cam Newton is 6’5″ and 245. Let that sink in.

So week 2 rolled around and unfortunately, much like in week 1, starter Emory Jones was underwhelming. Jones has been with the Gators since 2018, and patiently waited his turn for three full seasons, only to have Anthony Richardson burst onto the scene from behind him. Richardson made a highlight play almost every time he touched the football. He threw three passes, all three of which were complete, for 152 yards and two touchdowns. Pretty good. When you then consider one of those throws was a roll out left, with a guy literally in his face, 40 yards down the field, back across his body, on a dime against tight coverage to Jacob Copeland. Take a look…

He wasn’t done just throwing a few fantastic passes though…he ran 115 yards on 3 attempts, one of which was a long run broken off for a touchdown on the ground. He simply made something extraordinary happen every time he touched the football, and with Emory Jones underperforming, people are beginning to talk.

Fans are just excited about what Anthony Richardson has to offer. The big, strong, physical QB was bouncing around doing backflips on the field before the game on Saturday afternoon. You can’t teach that kind of athleticism to a guy that size, and not many people have it. Once he gets off running, you’ll have a hard time catching him, and then you’ve got to somehow bring him down.

Alabama On The Horizon…

Now important to note, in Gator camp, there’s no controversy between the QBs. They’re great friends, and they support each other whole heartedly. Anthony Richardson knows his role, and understands that patience in a Dan Mullen system, works in your favour. Both Feleipe Franks and Kyle Trask are currently on NFL rosters, the two guys Dan Mullen has worked with as starters so far sine he returned to Florida as the Head Coach. However the media, and the fan base, are starting to question the decisions.

The problem is that Florida face Alabama next weekend, almost too early amidst all of this uncertainty at the QB position. If he benches Emory Jones, it won’t do his confidence any good, but neither will throwing him in against Alabama while he’s slow getting the ball out and not playing up to game speed. He was picked off twice last weekend against USF, because he stared down his read for too long before releasing the ball. We will see Anthony Richardson anyway, providing his hamstring is all okay, the question is just how much of him we see, and is it more than Emory Jones?

MORE: Here were 5 questions I had for the Florida Gators ahead of the season…

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