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Stafford Rams Debut – QB Shines On SNF

Stafford Rams Debut – QB Shines On SNF

It must be quite the change moving from Detroit over to California, especially when you’ve been over there in the cold since 2009. The former number 1 overall pick Matt Stafford has battled his socks off for the Lions since entering the league, and in his time in blue notched over 46,000 yards and 286 touchdowns. He hold the Lions career passing yards record by over 30,000 yards, it’s not even close, and he leaves Detroit a hero. Stafford has had some excellent seasons, and the highlight reel with Calvin Johnson speaks for itself, but now it’s time for a new chapter, a much warmer chapter, in LA Rams blue and gold.

The Rams fit Jared Goff into their system for several years, and in fairness, they made it work, they made a Super Bowl, but it was never quite perfect. Then the trade. The Rams traded Goff and his monumental contract, along with two future first round picks, over to Detroit, in exchange for Matt Stafford. They wanted him, they got him, and we all held our breath for Sunday Night Football, where Matt Stafford would make his long awaited debut.

Live Reaction To The Stafford Goff Trade…

Sean McVay is one of the best young coaches in the NFL, and his offensive mindset, paired with Staffords ability, arm strength, and NFL experience, puts them in a position to challenge this season. Then add the weaponry he now has in Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods, and second year Van Jefferson, and things get interesting. Although the Rams lost rookie season standout running back Cam Akers to a ruptured achilles before the season got started, Sunday night’s offensive performance was outstanding. Matt just might be everything Sean McVay was looking for.

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Stafford threw for 321 yards and 3 touchdowns, and as a result earned himself the highest passer rating on a QBs team debut in NFL history. 156.1. Perfect is 158.3.

He opened up his highlight reel with a play action, faking right, rolling left, before opening his body back up and launching a pass to Van Jefferson, who caught it about 12 yards out from the end zone, got back to his feet and hustled into the end zone for a 67 yard touchdown… and the SoFI Stadium went bananas. Stafford came striding down the field like he’d just thrown his first ever touchdown, Jalen Ramsey lost his mind on the sideline, euphoria everywhere.

Stafford was excellent all day, enjoying a clean pocket for the majority of the night. He stepped into his throws with power like an NFL veteran should, and busted the Bears wide open a second time when Cooper Kupp broke free all on his own deep down the field. The third and final, a high, perfectly placed pass in the back of the end zone to Robert Woods. Nobody else could even think about catching it. Considering it was Stafford’s first game day outing with his new offence, I was extremely impressed. We all know Stafford is good, but have we been missing just how good he is, the entire time he’s been over in Detroit?

The vet QB could be the missing piece, and he’s got years left on his game clock. Schematically, the Rams were pretty much flawless, and didn’t seem to miss Cam Akers all that much at all. Of course, maybe you don’t have to when you have a QB like Matt Stafford now taking the snaps. Hold on tight, the Rams could be a lot of fun this season.

Stafford Rams Debut Stafford Rams Debut Stafford Rams Debut Stafford Rams Debut Stafford Rams Debut

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