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Does Ronaldo Make Manchester United Favourites For The Title?

Manchester United re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo has been the main talking point on most talk shows, podcasts, sport news channels and radio phone-ins, but what does the re-signing of Ronaldo really mean for the club?

As a starting point it is worth noting that Cavani will most probably feel rather put out after signing a year extension with the club. He looks now very unlikely to feature as much this coming season. The form of Greenwood and arrival of Ronaldo will make game time very hard to come by. Twinned with Cavani will be that of Sancho, sure he will be excited to play with a true legend. But, he surely must feel slightly put out at the fan fare surrounding his capture not being the talk of the window as expected + the added pressure he will now face to perform knowing the competition for games has just increased like nobody expected it to.

All of that aside, what are United actually going to get from Ronaldo as a player? A winner. People are starting to question what Ronaldo can actually contribute in a competitive Premier league, well the one thing to always remember is that Ronaldo is a born winner and is also in better shape than most other players in the league, he may be slower and his game may now be less dynamic. But he is most certainly still a world class footballer than walks into any team in the world which says everything you need to know.

Credit: Bleacher Report

Aside from this is the benefits he will bring to others in the team in what he can teach others both directly and indirectly in the way he carries himself and undertakes training. It should raise the standard of expectation, Ole will certainly hope so as doing so can only benefit him!

Does all of the above mean that United who also signed Varane and Sancho (as previously mentioned) are now favourites for the title? For me, no. The favourites for the title should still be Manchester City. United now have a much improved starting 11 on previous seasons but as we all know titles are won with squads and as much as Ronaldo improves them as a team, they still do not possess enough strength in depth to trouble the title.

Ole needs to win a trophy this season, but the Premier League Trophy for me is still just out of reach. Even with CR7 in the building.

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