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Cam Newton Released. Mac Jones To Start

Bill Belichick and the Patriots sent shockwaves through the NFL atmosphere on final cut day today with the biggest surprise of the week so far. Cam Newton has been released, leaving Mac Jones to be the week 1 starter for the Patriots against Miami in week 1.

Mac Jones has impressed in the pre season and has easily been one of the standout rookies up until this point. The Patriots feel good about their running back room, as well as the bolstered offensive line, and Belichick and the front office seem to be trimming the fat and reshaping their roster after a disappointing 2020 campaign. Last week, they traded Sony Michel to the Rams, after guys like JJ Taylor and rookie Rhamondre Stevenson showed what they could do, and this week, Cam Newton is out.

Cam struggled to fit into the Patriots scheme last year and things just didn’t seem to line up between him and New England. Going from Tom Brady to Cam Newton is quite a change in personnel and it was a move they were almost forced to make having no money to spend in the off season. Cam was signed on a league minimum deal last year and resigned on a 1 year contract in the off season.

He’s been a great mentor for Mac, and the rookie QB has spoken highly about working with the ex MVP veteran. Cam will now look for a new team on short notice, and sadly this might be the beginning of the end for him. There’s no denying that the offence looked smooth with Mac at the helm, but that doesn’t answer the question as to why release Cam, when he’s costing them very little to have on the roster. I liked him in a role model type role for Mac Jones. The back up role will now sit with Brian Hoyer. One thing must be said though, fair play to the young Alabama talent, who’s done everything he possibly could to earn the starting job! Now he’ll have the opportunity to do so on the stage that matters, week 1 against division rivals Miami.

I hope Cam can find a place somewhere else, but losing some of his power and mobility, and perhaps a touch of speed after some injury turbulence, paired with some inaccuracies in the passing game have cost him in recent games.

Cam Newton Released

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