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Undrafted Partnering With HGA Grading

Undrafted Sports Cards has been an affiliate of our brand for around a year now, and we’ve worked to create a community for sports card collectors in the UK. Now, were taking the next step in supplying a service to the UK audience.

You can join our UK Grading Service Facebook Group here! Just click!

For months we’ve been trying to work out a way to supply a grading service to people outside of the US, as accessibility is so minimal that it almost doesn’t make it worth it. Well that’s all about to change.

A few months ago we reached out to HGA to declare our interest, and in the last couple of weeks those conversations have reignited. I’m now delighted to announce that we are officially partnered with HGA grading as a group submitter. This means we can provide exclusive pricing to the entire UK and turnaround times better than no other. Lately, both PSA and Beckett have struggled to maintain the overwhelming demand for card grading, and HGA have entered the market with a new technology, that allows no room for human error or elements.

Not only that, they also get your cards back to you faster than any other service, and it isn’t close. The three options we are going to be offering in partnership with HGA are as follows:

  • 5 day turnaround
  • 15 day turnaround
  • 40 day turnaround

Pricing will follow in the coming hours! Stay tuned!

These are extremely competitive turnarounds, and we’re excited to begin supplying all of you with graded cards for your collections! HGA offer a wide variety of slabs to match your cards by colour, design, and much more! For example, check out this incredible zebra prizm Damian Lillard. This is just one example of their slabs, and there are many more on their Instagram right here @hybridgradingapproach

Here’s what they have to say on their website about their grading service:

“Here at HGA we are sports lovers and collecting cards is our passion. We went from collectors to local card store owners, and now onto the grading company. We saw a huge need in the market for consistent grading. We decided to hire multiple companies to design and implement software that will allow us to scan, analyse, and grade cards without subjectivity.

We believe that cards should receive grades based not on who is on the card, the value of the card, or whether or not a grader is having a good or bad day. The cards should be graded solely on the presentation of the card itself. So, we are developing unique software that detects edges for crispness, corners for sharpness, centering for balance, and surfaces free of blemishes; we feel that we will grade your card accurately 100% of the time.

Also, our slabs are top of the line and are color coordinated with team colors to provide the most aesthetically pleasing cards ever seen. We are certain that once you try us out, you will agree.”

You can check out their website here:

Undrafted will be offering the service for ALL cards. This includes all sports cards, from the NFL, to the NBA, to Baseball, Hockey, UFC, F1 and anything else you could imagine. We will also be accepting Pokemon cards. Basically, if HGA can grade it, we’ll take it. The system will be set up on our website in the very near future, and our first submission will be a 50 card limit.

So how does it work? You’ll fill out a form and be given an invoice number for your order, no matter how many cards. Then, all you need to do is post your cards to us with the invoice number inside, so that we can match them to your order when they arrive. We will then handle the rest! We’ll give your card a quick look over, and provide a recommendation if we think your card shouldn’t be submitted for grading. Once we do ship, you’ll receive updates on the status of your cards, and when they arrive back to us they will be shipped out to you within 48 hours. You’ll be notified when they’re on their way!

Why grade through us? Well it’s hassle free. You don’t have to worry about any of the process, simply mail your cards to us after completing the form, and we handle everything else. Your cards will then come back to your door graded!

Not only that, you also avoid having to worry about extensive fees and problems with importing and exporting your cards. Sending a single card to the US is expensive. Sending them all together is smarter, less expensive, and far more efficient. Grading cards individually is far more expensive, and by doing so as a group, it makes it cheaper for everybody. Much like a break!

We are currently working to set up the system for this on our website, and will have more information to follow shortly. We are extremely excited and honoured to be partnering with HGA, and can promise you that this will be a huge step for the UK community of collectors.

Undrafted Partnering With HGA Grading Undrafted Partnering With HGA Grading Undrafted Partnering With HGA Grading Undrafted Partnering With HGA Grading

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