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8.0m - 9.0m midfielders Grealish

Making The Case FPL: 8.0m – 9.5m Midfielders

In this article, I’m analysing the best 8.0m – 9.5m midfielders for the FPL season. I’m making the case as to why you should target this price bracket in the first place, then I’m going to explain which ones I expect to produce the goods this year.

For what it’s worth, non of these players jump out as being must-have options to start the season, but I believe long-term one of these players will present themselves as a great value fantasy asset.


I touched on it in my Top 5 FPL Midfielders article. Whilst doing research into that article, I found that in each of the last 5 seasons, an 8.0m – 9.5m midfielder scored over 200 FPL points. That’s a premium asset that you could almost class as an enabler.

So out of the players in that price bracket, I’m making the case for which ones I believe have the best chance of reaching that feat this season. They can either become an affordable 3rd premium player, or they can replace one of your premium players for a more balanced squad. If you can figure out which one it’s going to be, you’ll have an edge over your FPL rivals.

8.0m – 9.5m Midfielders

Image via Fantasy.premierleague

There are 7 players to choose from (see image above) from only 3 different teams! Looking at this list, I think there are four players who look capable of achieving 200 points this season.

1. Grealish – 8.0m – Manchester City

Image via goal.com

Make no mistake, Jack Grealish is seriously underpriced this season. If he was a City player before the player prices were released in FPL, we’d be looking at a 9-9.5m midfielder. I think that once he’s settled and understands his role within this side, he will become a no-brainer FPL asset. He was joint 3rd for big chances created last year, and that was with missing time out with injury. So now that he’s surrounded with world-class talent that can finish those chances, I think he’s capable of a monster season. The only risk is whether or not he avoids Pep Roulette. If he does, I’d bank on him reaching 200 points this season.

2. Havertz – 8.5m – Chelsea

Has had a year to settle into England. Won a champions league, scoring the winner. Has the potential to be an elite attacking midfielder. Tuchel likes to use him in forward positions and seems to trust him to play in the majority of their games. If he can strike up a good connection with Lukaku, Havertz has a great chance to be the 200 points player this season.

3. Sancho – 9.5m – Manchester United

8.0m - 9.5m midfielders Sancho
Image via FourFourTwo

He is an elite creator, and this Manchester United attack looks deadly on their day. I feel United players have the least risk of rotation compared to Manchester City & Chelsea. So if he starts producing FPL returns consistently, he will become a serious contender to reach 200 points this season. Unlike the other players on this list, he should play the majority of the games. Could be a gamechanger if he can replace the majority of Fernandes’ points and free up 2.5m.

4. Pulisic – 8.0m – Chelsea

In bursts, Pulicic has flirted with being an invaluable fantasy asset. I remember the purple patch mid-season a few years ago, where he was operating at the Salah level of contributions, but he then suffered an injury and has been off the radar pretty much ever since. Does he have it in his locker – yes! Will he get enough game time to have a chance – with the depth of Chelsea’s attack, it looks like a wait-and-see.

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