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Top 10 Sneaky Good Dynasty Adds

Sneaky good Dynasty adds are what it’s all about. Those players who at first glance won’t win you a league but that, over months and years, set your team up for sustained success.

Whilst some people prefer the immediacy of Re-draft, Dynasty adds so much more. Being able to build a squad and become invested in their real-life progression is fun. During a recent drafted between the Undrafted staff Alex noted that they already felt like his children. To make a Dynasty league work you need 10-12 guys who are committed and won’t drop out after a year or two. If you get that then look forward to watching Tua or Ja’Marr grow through their careers as you reap the benefits.

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In this article I want to highlight 10 players who can become those all important building blocks. These won’t be the obvious guys, you won’t find CeeDee Lamb or Trevor Lawrence in here. These are the next level guys, the ones who will make up the bulk of your squad, hopefully for years to come.

Also, to those who I have already drafted against, there is a reason this article is coming out now! It means I pretty much got the guys I wanted so thanks for that. I will identify a couple of players at the 4 main positions, QB, RB, WR and TE. IDP (Individual Defensive Players) is for a different article altogether.

The QBs

Trey Lance

this may seem like an easy choice as he is one fo the new shiny QBs. Often though they can be overlooked in a start-up draft. If Lance makes it back to you and your’e sat there in rounds 10-12 then grab him. Fast. If he even lives up to 50% of the hype thrown his way he is going to take the league, and fantasy, by storm.

If you believe what you read he has the arm of Mahomes and the legs of Lamar. Whilst he may not possess 100% either, a mix of the two on a team as good as the 49ers could be lethal and is a recipe for points in fantasy. There is no reason that he cannot ascend to the throne quickly in San Fran and remain there for the next 8-10 years.

Tell me your Dynasty team wouldn’t have better if you had snagged Cam Newton or Lamar in their rookie seasons? Precisely, now go and get Trey Lance before any more pre-season hype kicks in.

Trey Lance – Future All-Pro? – (Image Credit – NBC Sports)

Matthew Stafford

From a rookie to a veteran. That said, tell Matthew Stafford he isn’t full of the joys of spring. Anyone moving from the dumpster fire that is Detroit to the bright lights of LA will feel reborn. Couple that with a team brimming with Offensive talent and Stafford is one happy guy. Matthew Stafford has always had a cannon for an arm. Now he has the weapons to put it to full use for the first time since the days of Megatron.

Yes Dynasty is about planning for the future but remember, you’re also in a league you could win this year. Stafford is only 33 years old, there is no reason to think he doesn’t have 5 years or so of great football left in him at least. The Rams offense is going to be a pass first offense this year, even more so since Akers went down. With Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp this team is going to score, points, lots of them.

Stafford isn’t going early in start-ups, he probably isn’t even going in the mid rounds. He is the perfect late round QB to grab to go along side your rookie starlet (see above).

The RBs

Trey Sermon

The 49ers running back room, for fantasy? Yes, all day long. Kyle Shanahan loves his backs and invariably finds ways to make a multitude of them fantasy relevant. I know sometimes it can feel like picking the right one is a tough job but bear with me. Over the past 2 years Raheem Mostert has been the guy to own in this backfield. The 49ers run so much that whilst they use a committee, their lead guy always holds some value.

This year the reports coming out of 49ers OTAs and Training Camp are that Sermon is already effectively the 1B to Mostert’s 1A. Couple that with the fact that there appears to be some form of permanent injury bug living in the RB room there and this is a fairly straightforward choice. I fully expect Mostert to lead the room this year but this is the last year of his contract.

From next year this will be Trey Sermon’s starting job.

Javonte Williams

This kid looks special! It only took 4 carries against a disparate Vikings Defence but his ADP jumped 3 rounds in an instant. Planting my flag early here, I feel he will be the best RB to come out of this class. He looks poised, balanced and goes north to south in an instant. He makes people miss and will rarely if ever get stuffed on first contact.

The Bronco’s O Line looks to be improving slowly and with the weapons in the pass game that they possess teams cannot just stack the box. Williams passes the eye test, he looks like an NFL back already. Although he has Melvin Gordon to compete with for touches early in his career, this is a road bloc that wont last long.

Gordon is already struggling with injury in camp and this is his last contracted year. If Williams doesn’t start Week 1 then I would expect that he ascends no later than Week 5-6. Even if you have to hold him for a year you’ll thank yourself next year when he explodes all over the league.

Denver Broncos running back Javonte Williams (33) runs from Minnesota Vikings cornerback Cameron Dantzler (27) during the first half of an NFL preseason football game, Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn)
The Undrafted Fantasy Draft – The First Chase Daniel Bowl

The WRs

Calvin Ridley

Ok so a WR1 on a team seems like an obvious pick. Hear me out though. There are Number 1 receivers on a team and then there are RB1s in the league. Learning his trade behind Julio, Ridley has become one of the best receivers in the league. This year is his going to be his official coking out party.

Atlanta are going to have to chase a lot of games and Matt Ryan is going to be throwing, a lot. With Julio out of the door and the next two guys on the depth chart being a Rookie TE and a 6th round pick from 2018 Ridley is going to see a LOT of targets. If he doesn’t end the season north of 120 receptions I will be shocked.

Last year at times it looked as if Ridley was churning out 100 yard games from fun, this year will be no different. I honestly believe he can end the season as the number 1 receiver in the league. He is just entering his prime. I know he is a 3rd round pick and there is nothing sneaky about that. That said, in 5 years time when he is coming of his 3rd season as WR1 in the league you’ll thank me for saving you from having to grab him via a high first pick or expensive trade.

Laviska Shenault

Swiss army knifes have many uses, hence the term being used for players who can do more than one thing. Coming out of college, Shenault was supposed to be a first rounder but an operation prior to the combine knocked him down a bit. His loss was definitely the Jaguars gain. This guy has the body of a running back but the hands and speed of a receiver.

Reports out of camp are that he already has a good relationship forming with Lawrence and these two can grow together for years. The bonus of having some rushing yards built into his game make Shenault intriguing this year. There is an outside chance we could see a player n the vein of Le’Veon Bell, albeit it in reverse. A player who can be both the WR2 and a usable RB for the team. He won’t hit the same heights but when you’re picking him up around pick 100 id a draft you would be more than happy with 75%.

The Jaguars are going to be a totally different team over the next few years than we now. Get in early and reap the rewards.

NASHVILLE, TN – SEPTEMBER 20: Laviska Shenault Jr. #10 of the Jacksonville Jaguars runs the ball during a game against Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium on September 20, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Titans defeated the Jaguars 33-30. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Courtland Sutton

There are offences which are just set to go. The Broncos have one of these. If they had a decent QB they would be dangerous. Courtland Sutton spent much of last year on the treatment table but prior to that, his 2019 season looked like this: 72 Receptions for 1,172 yards with 6 touchdowns.

Ye she had Emmanuel Sanders across the field from him drawing coverage but nothing has changed other than the name. Jerry Jeudy will demand coverage and this will free up Sutton. The reason Jeudy isn’t in this article is that Sutton is available far later in drafts that Jeudy. By all accounts Sutton has fully recovered from the ACL injury that robbed him of the large majority of last season.

If you can pick Sutton up as your WR3/4 for him to give you WR1/2 numbers that is a great baseline for your team each week. Value is the name of the game in fantasy and this guy comes with it in spades. Yes his knee could be a concern but not one I hold, guys come back fully fit from ACL repairs much more often than they used to. While other guys in your leagues are drafting TEs too early do yourself a favour.

Curtis Samuel

Curtis Samuel showed last year why people should start to take notice of him. With 1,051 all purpose scrimmage yards off 118 touches and 5 touchdowns Samuel is worth noting. Moving to Washington this year will only help to further this development. Samuel will start the season as the de-facto WR2 on the team behind McLaurin although Dyami Brown’s development could affect this through the season.

If Brown does start to eat into Samuel’s workload on the outside, a move inside is likely. What you then have is a shorter yardage target for Fitzpatrick who will get a lot of looks. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is where he starts the year with Brown, or Sims on the outside. Wherever he lines up though I don’t see how he goes for less than 1,110 yards and 6-7 touchdowns this year.

This is another selection for depth on your team. Obvious WR1 picks aren’t the aim of this article. What Samuel offers is fantastic WR3/Flex upside. A player who you can slot in there weekly and almost forget about. Much like Shenault above, the dual usage will also prove beneficial as a small rushing upside presents a safer floor for weekly scoring.

From College Roommates to Rivals to Teammates – Best Friends living the dream – (Image Credit – Audacy)

The TEs

Adam Trautman

The New Orleans TE room is bare. Letting Cook and Hill go in the offseason left a hole to be filled. The Saints did bring in Nick Vannett but that isn’t going to cut it. A couple of weeks ago I was a little more certain about this pick but I still have faith. Yes the Saints have switched Juwan Johnson to Tight End and he appears to have started well. That said Trautman was the best blocking tight end in the league last year and that will keep him on the field.

If he can show in training and game situations that he can contribute as a pass catcher too then he would seem a more natural fit for the 3 down role. At college receptions and yards were no issue and I am sure that Trautman will develop into the next Saints TE1. This one may require a bit of patience but if you grab him as a TE2/3 on your squad you have that freedom to let him develop at his pace.

Coming into his second year in the league I would not expect him to instantly be NFL level, especially coming from a smaller school. Tight ends can take 3-4 years to fully develop in this league and if you have the patience for it, Trautman will reward you many times over.

Hunter Long

This one is a bit of a flyer. Long lead all college Tight Ends last year in receptions (57) and receiving yards (685) producing 5 touchdowns. Long is on a team where there is an established starter at his position but with Gesicki in a contract year, if Long can show enough then who says he doesn’t displace Gesicki for next years TE1 role.

Long has good experience as a blocker in college and we have already seen he has above average receiving ability. Long’s major opportunities this year will come in 12 personnel sets (1 running Back, 2 tight Ends). This is a formation that Miami used 5th most in the league last year. Dependant on how he performs this year Long could see Gesicki out the door at the end of the season.

This is another slow burn but at this position where stars are so rare the best option is to stock up and take all the shots you can. With the talent Long has he is better placed than most to become the next star TE in the league.


Don’t forget about Cam Akers. Just because he isn’t showing high up on the ADP list due to his injury, doesn’t mean he isn’t a great pick. I am regularly seeing him still available between rounds 5-7 and you get great value on him here. Chances are that you already have 2-3 RBs so taking him with an eye to the future is eminently doable.

Why is Antonio Gibson the next great Running Back?

Do it wherever you can and thank yourself later. Just whack him into an IR spot and forget about him for a year.

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