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Taking A Trip To The Rocky Mountains

Hi! I am back with the next tradition in my college football tradition series. So far, I’ve covered the Iowa Wave (my favorite), Howard’s Rock, and Country Roads. For the next tradition, we are going to be taking a trip to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and learn more about a very famous Pac-12 tradition.

Unlike my last post, this tradition does not involve singing, however, it does involve an animal. This famous Pac-12 tradition is called ‘’Ralphie’s Run.’’ Let’s take a look at how this tradition came about.

Let’s Learn More About Ralphie’s Run

Ralphie (the name of the very famous buffalo) is labeled as the mascot of the University of Colorado. In fact, this famous mascot is actually a female. She has five handlers, as known as Ralphie Handlers, who steer here around Folsom Field on game days!

Below is a video on Ralphie and her handlers!

What a fascinating job to have. It sure was fun learning a little about the job of Ralphie’s handlers. 

The first Ralphie Run was in 1967, and according to si.com, there has been a total of five Ralphies. The infamous Ralphie makes her run two times at home games. One at the start of the game and the other at the start of the second half. It is said that Ralphie is over 1,200 pounds and she runs about 225 yards on game days, according to si.com. This tradition is not only interesting but it is one you definitely want to see in person. I know I do.

If you want to see Ralphie’s Run, I have two videos down below. Enjoy!!

This is sure a fun tradition to watch and be a part of. If you are ever in the mountainous state of Colorado, be sure to attend a Colorado Buffaloes game to witness this exciting tradition in person. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and learning a little bit about this very famous college football tradition.

I will be back soon with the next tradition in the series. Until then, if you haven’t already, head on over to Undrafted the Network to read the rest of the articles in my series, and while you’re on the site, make sure to read the other amazing articles as well.


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