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Should the Dolphins Trade Devante Parker?

The Dolphins suddenly have a pretty strong wide receiver room, and the question is, does Parker need to be a part of it? With glaring needs on the offensive line and still for me, at running back, should Miami look to trade Devante Parker while the 28 year old holds some value, and is coming off of two 100+ target seasons.

Parker is currently under contract through the 2023 season, after signing a new deal off the back of his breakout 5th year season, where he brought in 1,202 yards and 9 touchdowns for the season. Parker was slow out of the gate for Miami after being drafted in the 1st round back in 2015, and Dolphins fans thought that he might have finally hit his stride. While he does seem to have taken a heavy step in the right direction, injury issues remain, and the Dolphins receiver room is getting a lot younger, and those guys, such as Kirk Merritt, are hungry to make the squad.

The Dolphins are also heading towards even more targets for tight ends, with Gesicki looking better and better every year, and rookie Hunter Long brought in to do a similar job as a pass catching tight end. Second to only Kyle Pitts in yards last year.

Then with Mack Hollins having a great camp and sounding like he’ll make the 53, he is direct competition behind Parker. At 6’4, he offers an outside jump ball threat to Tua, which we’ve seen utilised on multiple occasions already. He’s also a keen blocker, which will help if the Dolphins can eventually get the run game really moving. Now that’s where this scenario comes into play. He won’t start, but he’s there for that big body jump threat when the Dolphins need him.

Miami has Will Fuller, albeit for just one year currently. Then Jaylen Waddle who should be heavily targeted in the slot, the aforementioned Mack Hollins, as well as Albert Wilson, Lynn Bowden Jr, Jakeem Grant etc. I don’t see a distinct need for Devante Parker, and I do feel like there’s a potential deal to be made for either an experienced offensive lineman, or a running back.

For example, Parker could still very much contribute on a roster making a playoff push. A scenario I really like is Devante Parker and pick compensation, for Marlon Mack from the Colts. It wouldn’t cost much and the pick might even come our way when you consider the fact that Mack signed a 1 year deal for a base $1M dollars back in March this year. He’s only under contract this season.

Mack played one game last year before going down, and missed the remainder of the season. He looks incredibly sharp so far in camp and the preseason, and with Jonathan Taylor flying out of the gate as a rookie, (like I said he would why didn’t Miami just draft him), and Nyheim Hines making a significant contribution last year too, maybe the Colts no longer need Marlon Mack as well?

Parker would offer them another outside threat, with TY Hilton on the verge of retirement, and Michael Pittman Jr progressing as he goes into his second season. Then Marlon Mack would come to Miami having had back to back 1000 yard seasons before he got hurt. Yes he’s coming back from a torn achilles, but the upside on him is far greater than any of the guys Miami has brought in so far. The Dolphins keep limping into trying to solve the issues at the position, with guys like Jordan Howard, Matt Breida, and the latest being Malcolm Brown, who left a lot to be desired in the first preseason game. But they need to make a move that solves it once and for all. I’d like to see Mack as the workhorse, with contributions from Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed. Now I really like Myles Gaskin, but he needs help. Of course, the O line needs work too, which will help the run game…

So maybe there’s something to be said for moving Parker to a wide receiver hungry team, and getting some help on the offensive line, or in the backfield, in return? I wonder what moves Miami will make before the season begins.

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Trade Devante Parker Trade Devante Parker Trade Devante Parker

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