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Picking your College Team: A Guide – Part 1

For as long as I can remember, I have been a Miami Dolphins fan, and as a natural result gravitated to all Miami teams including a College Team. Problem is I now do not feel a connection to any of them except the Dolphins and the Miami Heat. College Football is arguably as important as the NFL, more important in some places that do not have a professional team. Undrafted will be your one stop shop for NCAA College Football content this year and I hope piece can help anybody out there looking to find their team to support.

This will become a series of articles throughout the weeks of the College season based an a whole number of things whether that is players, logos, whereabouts or coaches. I plan to pick my team through experiencing the College season, and I would advise you to do so too. Welcome to my foolproof method, I hope it can help you find your new team, like it will me.

Step 1: Geographical Elimination

First things first you have to take quite a brutal approach to this process, because there are a considerable amount of College Teams in the Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and that is just the top side of things, there is also the FCS and many other divisions and programmes. I will be creating my picks from the FBS Division 1 as they will be easiest to find and will have the best players, therefore it makes sense from an entertainment perspective.

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What does Geographical Elimination mean though? Well, my first elimination factor is very simple, eliminate all teams that reside in states that I have never been to. Although I am not from the United States, I have been lucky enough to visit multiple places for a varied amount of time. This in itself means that Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California and Florida. Now although these 15 states are home to multiple teams for the most part, that still means I have eliminated 35 states in my first cut. This in turn significantly lowers the amount of College teams from the FBS available to me to 58, however immediately I will be eliminating all military branch teams, which means Army and Navy are gone and the Florida Gators.

I eliminated Florida and would have eliminated Washington too had they been eligible for my original list due to them being the favourite teams of my esteemed Podcast colleagues Alex and Adam.

How they became fans?

I asked my wonderful Podcast colleagues to give a little bit of information on how they became fans of their respective teams and here is what they came up with.

Alex on the Florida Gators

“I took a trip to Gainsville while on a Florida holiday back in 2016. I’d always wanted to go to a College Football game and landed on Gators Vs Mizzou. I remember walking up the long road to the stadium and feeling OUT OF PLACE in a white t-shirt. It was a sea of orange and blue. The stadium filled to the brim, 90,000 Gators fans. I’d found joy in sport that I don’t think I’d ever felt before”.

“Quincy Wilson and Teez Tabor both took pick sixes to the house against a young Drew Lock and his Missouri team, and I have been back every year since. A home game in the swap is like nothing else”.

Adam on the Washington Huskies

“I went to Seattle in 2018 as my dad was sailing around the world and I was meeting him there on a stop off. Whilst in Seattle I got engaged and had such an awesome time there with my Fiancee (Now my Wife) that gave it a special place in my heart. The people and the place are amazing, I would move there tomorrow. This meant it was a no brainer that the Washington Huskies would be my team to follow”.

“They aren’t the most successful team but they prodcue good players. Marcus Peters, Vita Vea and Joe Tryon are 3 recent players who are being successful as we speak. Sometimes it’s nice not to root for one of the Juggernauts. I don’t think fans of Bama or Clemson really get the full experience, if there is only a minimal risk of losing then how do you properly enjoy the wins?”

I want to thank them both for some awesome stories, and some ideas to help me on my journey to picking my College football team.

That is me done for now, with the list narrowed to 55 teams, I will be working on how to eliminate the rest of the possibilities until I left with only 1 team with which to fly the flag. I am excited to go through this process and I would love to know your process for picking your team.

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