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5 Things To Watch In Tonight’s Preseason Games

5 Things To Watch In Tonight’s Preseason Games.

Afternoon all, and what a magnificent day it is. We have football tonight, and TWO games. This evening, at 00:30 BST (technically tomorrow morning but you get me), The Steelers face the Eagles in Philly, and the Washington Football Team head to the Patriots in New England. Tonight’s preseason games get us underway for preseason week 1, after the Hall of Fame game last Thursday night.

Currently, the Patriots are a 1 point favourite, as are the Eagles, which feels like it’s based purely on the fact that we have no idea what the true line ups, QB play, and all the rest is going to look like, and is instead based on the home team having a 1 point advantage… I feel strongly about the Eagles winning at home, the Steelers were far from convincing last week and have an extra game to think about, and I’m picking Washington in New England based on more experiences QBs being in the game for a longer period of time. Nothing major, these games are impossible to predict, but worth a fiver on a double if you fancy it.

Anyway, with tonight’s games around the corner, here are 5 things to get excited about, and to keep a keen eye on for your fantasy rosters. Do your homework boys and girls, these weeks can help you get a sneaky edge over the rest of the coaches in your league…

Kenneth Gainwell’s Usage For The Eagles

Kenneth Gainwell was drafted in the 5th round out of Memphis this year to add to the Eagles running back room. However, what I want to see is how regularly they’re planning to use him as a receiving threat. If the current consensus is correct, Gainwell will be the Eagles number one receiving back this season, which makes him interesting as a late pick up for fantasy rosters…

In his last season with the Memphis Tigers, Gainwell managed over 600 yards and 3 touchdowns off of catches, let alone his production on the ground. The Eagles also added Jordan Howard and Kerryon Johnson to the backs room, and I fully expect Kenneth Gainwell to beat both of those guys out and be the number two back in Philly this season. He’s the best pass catcher in that room without a doubt. If he can do it on the ground too… he’s dangerous. Expect his stock to rise tomorrow in fantasy leagues.

How Much Mac Jones?

I wonder how much of Mac Jones we will see tonight. I’m hoping it’s a fairly significant set of reps, so that we can get a look at not only how he’s performing individually, but how his connections with the new group of receivers looks so far…

Word from Adam Schefter is that we’re going to see a little of Cam, and some Mac Jones too, who has now picked up number 10, for anybody who didn’t know that yet!

Jones is not yet the popular pick in fantasy teams, and unlike some of the other rookies such as Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence, there is no guarantee on how much of Mac we see this season, and maybe not even at all. It’ll be good to see him take the field tonight at Foxborough.

More of Najee Harris…

Things were a tad concerning in the Hall of Fame game last week, and that wasn’t Najee Harris fault. There were a couple of plays where nobody blocked for him at all, and it didn’t look like a 2000 yard season would be on the cards. I want to see a little more.

Najee only had 9 snaps in the first game, of which 7 were runs handed off to him. He totalled 22 yards rushing with a 3.1 yard per attempt average. A couple of powerful runs this week will put dynasty league owners who drafted him in the first two rounds minds at ease. I am one of those. I have no issues with the talent and ability of Najee Harris. My worry is that offensive line, which is being recreated and reimagined, and I don’t know if it’s anywhere close to being ready.

My Guy Dyami Brown

Dyami Brown is another name receiving large amounts of praise in training camp. I really like what I’m hearing about both him and Rashod Bateman, who unfortunately picked up an injury this week. I wrote a piece about Brown earlier this week, as I expect him to step into a starting role in Washington.


Brown will fight for the outside role opposite Terry McLaurin, with Curtis Samuel likely occupying the slot when he’s back to full health. Footage emerged of Browns route running, and release from the line, which looks incredibly smooth with good get off speed. Originally drafted as a deep threat, Dyami Brown could be much more than that for the Washington Football Team

No Taunting (Fun)

So the NFL has cracked down on taunting (fun). You may no longer taunt (have fun) at the expense of an opponent after making a play. I think that means ball spins, first down gestures, and I’m really not sure what Tyreek Hill is going to do about that infamous peace sign. The NFL wants to be so strict on this that flags are being thrown in scrimmages this week.

The NFL states that two violations in a game results in you being ejected automatically, with fines and potential suspensions implied too. Why? I don’t know, Seems soft to me. Let the boys play. I expect this rule to last no longer than a season, just like the car crash of a rule about touchdown celebrations. But for now, we must endure.

The main thing is that NFL football, preseason or not, is on again tonight. We made it everybody.

CBS Picks for Fantasy Tonight…

5 Things to Watch In Tonight’s Preseason Games 5 Things to Watch In Tonight’s Preseason Games 5 Things to Watch In Tonight’s Preseason Games

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