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Fantasy Premier League: Undrafted’s Final Draft

With a matter of days until the Premier League finally kick’s off, Undrafted brings to you, your final draft, which all the readers will have their say in what happens throughout the season. We’ve set the starter team and that’s all we’re doing. You choose the transfer, captain, and when to use the chips. Make sure to vote at the end of this article as to who will captain the men going into game week 1. Below is the team, with the reasoning as to why we think it is the best team to start with.

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The Squad

Credit: Fantasy Premier League

Starting off in our final draft is the Keeper, Sanchez is a nice cheap option who will play and with that price, the money can be spent elsewhere. Luke Shaw and Trent Alexander-Arnold have been in every draft I’ve seen and there’s good reason for it. Shaw looked phenomenal in the Euro’s and Trent was the highest point scorer in the second half of the season. Coufal may be more of a place holder but has some nice starting fixtures and then White, Ayling are cheap and will play.

The midfield is where the large bulk of the money has been spent due to there not really being an option up top other than Kane. If Kane moves to Man City then this draft will change because he is going to end up scoring about 40 goals. As it stands he’s still a Spurs player and Son for 10.0 is a steal. Salah and Bruno are no brainers and until we know how good the newcomers are they should stay put (unless they’re voted out)

Danny Ings to Villa is a great move for him and I can guarantee you if he moved to Villa before the prices were set, he’d be more than 8.0. Toney is in more as an enabler than someone who will be there all season but who knows, he may be the Bamford of this season. Check out the vote below to choose who you want to start as the captain of the team for the first week!

Who wears the armband?

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