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5 Underrated Wide Receivers in Fantasy

5 Underrated Wide Receivers in Fantasy!

August is prime speculation time as to your whole off seasons worth of fantasy football research and whether it’s about to pay off for you in a major way. You’ve read countless reports and considered all of your options and when it comes down to the draft there’s still those moments of doubt in your mind as to whether your guy is THE guy or not. Did you draft too early, could you have waited on a guy, then your friend swoops in and steals him off you. So you need back up plans, and other angles you might be able to take to earn yourself some extra points when the season gets underway. Here’s 5 wide receivers you should absolutely keep an eye on. In no particular order…

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Brandin Cooks – Houston Texans

Brandin Cooks has been traded three times, and there’s a good chance he could look to be moved again. Let’s face it unless there’s some sort of miracle on the horizon, things aren’t going to get patched up between Deshaun Watson and the Texans, and the uncertainty in Houston is causing Brandin Cooks to slip down draft boards. Of course, you don’t want to draft him early, but if you’re stuck for a pick and he’s still available, you can’t really lose.

Cooks has had 5 1000 yard seasons in the last 6 years, and yes if he stays on the Texans without Deshaun Watson we have no idea who’s going to be throwing him the ball, but he’s still going to net you 750 yards and 5 TDs plus. So you’re getting yourself a bench wide receiver you can call on if need be, and if he gets traded, his stock will FLY. The only reason Cooks isn’t going twice as high is the situation he’s stuck in. So particularly in a dynasty league, add him to your roster, and hope he gets traded out of Houston… or that Deshaun kisses and makes up with his franchise.

Corey Davis – New York Jets

Drafted 5th overall in 2017, there’s a strong belief that Corey Davis hasn’t lived up to his potential, and that might be true… however! Davis is actually coming off of a career year in Tennessee, and fell just shy of 1000 yards, with 5 touchdowns. Here’s to new beginnings for Corey Davis, who heads to the New York Jets, and considering the contract he signed (3 years $37.5M), I’d imagine the Jets are expecting some production out of him.

This is a new team, with a rookie QB in Zach Wilson who needs to develop relationships with his receivers and find targets that he trusts. There’s a good chance that Corey Davis is available very late in your drafts, and there’s no harm in picking him up with that potential. Same situation for dynasty leagues, with Davis still being only 26 years old!

Russell Gage – Atlanta Falcons

Russell Gage is making a splash in pre season training this year, and with Julio Jones no longer in Atlanta, Gage can step into a role and pick up some more targets. Of course, rookie tight end Kyle Pitts will occupy some of those targets, and if he lines up all over the field could be even more likely to begin to fill the shoes left by now Titan Julio Jones.

But Gage, who primarily plays out of the slot, has improved year on year, and caught 72 passes in 2020 for 786 yards and 4 TDs. In PPR leagues, or dynasty, having Russell Gage on your roster while we wait to see what the new look Atlanta looks like, isn’t a bad shout at all. Matt Ryan is going to throw the ball a lot, and with Pitts and Calvin Ridley going off boards very early on, Gage should be the third player out of Atlanta you look at. Another late addition, but worth the pick, and with a reliable quarterback throwing him the ball!

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Darius Slayton – New York Giants

Slayton has two seasons under his belt and his production has been solid in both of those. 740 yards and 8 touchdowns as a rookie is an underrated rookie campaign, and then while the touchdowns dropped to 3 in 2020, he still caught 751 yards worth of passes. The lack of touchdowns wasn’t exactly his fault either, with Daniel Jones and the offence only throwing for 11 all season. Which is woeful of course, and needs to improve this year.

The fear around Slayton is the new guys coming in, with Kenny Golladay on the outside and rookie Kadarius Toney, as well as tight end Kyle Rudolph coming across from Minnesota. But the Giants are clearly building an offence that allows them to throw the ball more effectively. Slayton should be the guy lined up opposite Golladay, and I think he’ll get some looks this year!

Darnell Mooney – Chicago Bears

The Bears loved what they saw in Darnell Mooney as a rookie, and considering he was drafted in the 5th round, he came in and made a splash out of the gate. His rookie campaign resulted in 631 yards and 4 touchdowns, all while playing with inconsistencies at QB. Fields is going to take over this offence, there’s no doubt about that, and there’s an opportunity here for Mooney to build on his first year in the league with the new franchise quarterback.

Head coach Matt Nagy has praised his route running in camp, and Mooney is once again impressing in Chicago. Many have year two pegged as a breakout year for him, and with Allen Robinson being literally the only guy ahead of him on the depth chart, it could be a big year for Darnell Mooney…

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5 Underrated Wide Receivers in Fantasy!5 Underrated Wide Receivers in Fantasy!5 Underrated Wide Receivers in Fantasy!

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