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Undrafted FPL: Top 5 Forwards

Today I’m projecting who I think will be the top 5 forwards for the 2021/22 FPL season. Looking back to the start of last season, I remember thinking that there weren’t enough worthy options in the FPL forward positions. Instead, I opted to play 5 midfielders, and wait to see if any strikers became must-haves as the season progressed. Boy did they!! So fast forward a season, I now feel like there are so many good options to choose from, especially in the mid-priced price bracket, that it’s become a bit of a headache for most managers deciding which 3 to select! Hopefully, this article should help with that decision-making.

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Previous seasons

Image via fantasy.premierleague

The image above is last season’s top 5 forwards. Kane got a personal best in FPL with 242 points, with only 1 forward managing to make the 200 points club. So once again, I’m looking for trends compared to seasons gone by. For each of the past 5 seasons, The average total points for the top-ranking forward is 219.6 points. The average total points for the 5th placed forward is 167 points. There’s only been a maximum of 2 players with over 200 points each season, compared to a minimum of 3 with midfielders. And with a forward priced less than 8.5m achieving at least 180 points in 4 out of the past 5 seasons, it feels a safer bet targeting mid-priced forwards over premium ones this season. With the exception of Harry Kane, of course. Let’s take a look at the projected top 5 forwards for the season ahead…

Top 5 Forwards

5. Calvert-Lewin – 8.0m – Everton

DCL top 5 forward
Image via Shropshire Star

Last season, DCL started the season off by scoring in each of his first 5 appearances (7 goals). He also accumulated his best tally in FPL with 165 points, scoring 16 goals. With his first 6 fixtures this season looking great, and proving himself to be Everton’s main goal threat, I think he can improve his total and record his best-ever season. Predicted points: 170 points

4. Vardy – 10.5m – Leicester

At this point, It’s hard to ignore the ever-reliable, Jamie Vardy. With the majority of the Leicester squad having a proper break and pre-season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vardy top of the forward rankings after the first 3 game weeks. Although I’m not expecting him to repeat his previous 2 seasons of 29 & 30 attacking returns, I still believe around 20-24 is achievable. Though, in the long run, there might prove to be better value options available. Predicted points: 180.

3. Bamford – 8.0m – Leeds

Image via footballtransfertavern.com

Last season, Bamford proved to be one of the bargains of the season. Priced at 5.5m, he was only 6 points shy of the 200 club, which is crazy good value. Now more fairly priced at 8.0m, but he will have the confidence of knowing he’s good enough at this level, so I’m expecting another consistent season. Predicted points: 182.

2. Danny Ings – 8.0m – Aston Villa

In 2nd place, after an under-the-radar transfer to Villa, it’s Danny Ings. If he manages to stay injury-free, I think he’s going to be notching around 17-20 goals this season. Although this new Villa attack may need time to adapt to each other, Buendia and Watkins have both proven to be creative attackers in the past. This could bode well for Ings, who is one of the best natural finishers in the league. Predicted points: 186.

1. Kane – 12.5m – Tottenham*

*Kane could end up at Manchester City this season.

Kane top 5 forward
Image via sportscastings.com

Kane has topped the FPL forward standings in 4 of the past 6 seasons. Last season was his best-ever return and I’m expecting more of the same regardless of which team he is representing by the end of the transfer deadline. At 28 years old, he’s in his prime and averaged a mammoth 6.9 points per game last season. Once his season gets up and running, he’s a no-brainer fantasy asset. Predicted points: 221.

Honourable mentions

Honourable mentions go to:

  1. Ollie Watkins – he was a shoo-in for this top 5 list up until Ings signed for Aston Villa. Now I find myself wondering whether Ings joining and Grealish leaving will enhance or hinder Watkins this season, so he just misses out. Predicted points: 164.
  2. Romelu Lukaku – hasn’t officially signed for Chelsea yet, but it’s looking very likely. If he does, he has it in his locker to rejoin the 200 points club. Predicted points: 196.


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