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Quick Reads: Lions Building Dumpster Fire

Just a quick post on a relevant topic sharing my thoughts… Dan Campbell, Detroits very own Bruce Buffer.

Today, firing things off with a report out of Detroit’s camp. Rookie wide receiver Amon’ra St Brown and corner back Ifeatu Melifonwu started launching fist bombs at each other following a scuffle in a punt coverage individual drill. Footage is yet to be released but head coach and character of sorts Dan Campbell acted as a personal hype man for the event.

Campbell said he liked to see the intensity from his rookies and was quoted saying ‘It fired me up!’. Umm…

Right, so the Giants have a team brawl and head coach Joe Judge sends the coaches out, lines the players up and makes them run for what sounded like hours while he blew steam out of his ears, but Dan Campbell is humming a different tune up in Detroit. Maybe it’s the 2 gigantic coffees and four shots of extra coffee Campbell drinks every single day putting his head into a spin… which is another bizarre report all by itself but let’s not shoot down that rabbit hole too today.

We’re running a football team here fellas. With discipline. Let’s not lose focus on what the goal is. For Detroit, it’s to try not to be the absolute worst team in the NFL this season. Campbell got the job because nobody more experienced wanted it (fact sorry fans), and his approach has been ‘interesting’ to say the least.

I get that rookies and players fighting for roster spots are going to be fired up and giving it everything they’ve got to compete and show what they can do, of course they are. But we still need to be disciplined as a football team. Dan Campbell has been the ultimate rah rah guy since he came into the organisation and gave his strange yet amusing introductory press conference talking about mauling guys and chewing on knee caps and whatever else like he was introducting a wrestling match in the WWE and not himself as the new head coach of the Detroit Lions… And I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Lions MIGHT just be the most flagged team in the NFL this season. Let’s bet on that.

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Campbell is a gimmick and an interim solution until Detroit have a roster they can go to a better head coach with and give that guy something to actually work with besides D’Andre Swift and a less than ideal Jared Goff contract, change my mind. Even then… it’s still Detroit… and Detroit doesn’t sound like that much fun.

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