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Clemson’s Good Luck Charm

Hi! Rebecca here!! How are you guys doing? I have been super busy with summer school lately, but I am back and ready to talk about some college football traditions. It’s been a fast minute since I last wrote about college football traditions, so I have a good one in store for you today! Get ready, because this tradition is on one of college football’s greatest teams, the Clemson Tigers!! Let’s take a look and learn all about Clemson’s good luck charm.

I’m sure many if not most of you know of Clemson. If not, maybe the first overall 2021 NFL Draft pick Trevor Lawrence might ring a bell. (Good luck in Jacksonville Lawrence.) One of college football’s most decorated programs, Clemson, has one incredible tradition. 

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Clemson, South Carolina, the Tigers are fired up to get out on the gridiron. But, before they step foot on the gridiron, players and coaches are greeted with Howard’s Rock at the entrance of the steep down hill run onto the field. 

Let’s rewind back into history and take a look to how Howard’s Rock became the Tigers famous game day tradition. 

The Tradition Of Howard’s Rock!

What is appeared to have mystical powers, Howards Rock is Clemson’s good luck charm. The tradition of Howard’s Rock is an interesting one. It all started when then-coach Frank Howard was given a rock by his friend Samuel C. Jones. The rock(Howard’s Rock) is from Death Valley, California. (The rock traveled from one Death Valley to another Death Valley. For those of you who don’t know, Memorial Stadium is nicknamed ”Death Valley.”) The rock was first used as a doorstop. Yes, you heard me right, a doorstop. However, on September 24, 1966, the rock was put on a pedestal at the top of the infamous hill at Memorial Stadium. (If you haven’t seen the famous hill in Memorial Stadium, I have a video down below. It is very steep.) In the game on September 24, the Tigers beat Virginia with a close score of 40-35. Then to kick off the 1967 season, the Tigers rubbed the rock for good luck and they beat Wake Forest. Ever since then, Clemson players and coaches have rubbed Howard’s Rock for good luck on game days! 

Now, Howard’s Rock is a celebrated tradition in Death Valley. It is a college football tradition that is not only loved by Clemson fans, players, coaches, and alumni, but also by college football fans in general. I guess Howard’s Rock is Clemson’s good luck charm after all with all the success the Tigers have had over the past few years! So, the next time, you are in Memorial Stadium, take a moment to embrace the wonderful tradition of Howards Rock! Hopefully, I will get to see this wonderful tradition in person soon!

Don’t forget to read about the first college football tradition on the Iowa Wave!

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