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FPL Watchlist: how-to guide

And so it begins. The fantasy premier league has released their player prices and opened up their virtual doors to us fantasy mad fans. Now’s the time to send yourself crazy making 100+ mock drafts before the deadline on August 13th, or is it? In the past few seasons, I have instead opted to save my sanity & create a watchlist on the official site. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend trying it this season.

A watchlist is a basic tool that many managers fail to utilise. It allows anyone to create a list of players to view and monitor in isolation. In this article, I am going to explain how, when, and why to use it.

How to use the watchlist –

On the official FPL website, when clicking on a player to view their information in the transfer tab, scroll down and click ‘add to watchlist’. Do the same to remove them. You can then view all these players using the player selection tab in the transfers section on the site (see image below). If you keep the list to a maximum of 30 players, they all appear on one page. This way, you can easily compare all their statistics available in the ‘sorted by’ filter. It’s only a slight inconvenience to toggle between pages, so don’t worry too much if you have more than 30.

how to add a player to your watchlist (left) and how to view the players on your watchlist (right)
images via fantasy.premierleague.com

When & why to use it (pre-season)

I usually convince myself of 30-40 players that I believe could do the business at the start of every season. I add them all to my watchlist and make my first 15-man squad more as a template/placeholder. Then I TRY not to touch my draft again until after the Community Shield/one week before the season starts. Instead, as the pre-season progresses and I have a better understanding of how the players might perform, I add/remove players from my watchlist. I do this to save the headache of constantly editing my team, with the aim of narrowing down the list to players I feel great about. Then once the time comes to select my final squad, there’s no faffing about and it stops me from jumping on last-minute bandwagons.

When & why to use it (in-season)

At the start of each game week during the season, I will add in any players that have performed well over the weekend. I will also remove any players I no longer want to monitor (injury, poor form, etc). This means that, as I absorb more content during the week, it prevents me from being too easily persuaded one way or another. I will only consider a player that isn’t on my watchlist if there’s an incredibly compelling argument for it. Other than that, I stick to my watchlist. As to truly enjoy this game, I feel you need to back yourself most of the time.

Do it!

So make yourself a watchlist and try not to overthink it. If you’re looking for some inspiration or to reaffirm your thinking – check out our 4-part series in the upcoming days, where I break down every player on my watchlist for the 21/22 season. I’ve divided it into 4 handy segments (Mr. Reliable, Calculated Punts, Bargain Basements, and Risky Business) where I explain why each player has made my list, some useful stats to justify my thinking & what they have to do in pre-season (if anything) to get the nod in my final 15-man squad.

One last thing…

We mean what we say with the slogan “by the people, for the people”. So we’re thrilled to announce that during the 21/22 season, we are running an interactive fantasy team. Each game week, the writers here at Undrafted will be banging our heads together to provide you with some shrewd options to choose from. Then before each deadline, we’ll leave it to you to make the final call on all our transfer, captain & bench decisions. Follow our socials to get involved:

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