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Euro 2020/21 – Thoughts on VAR?

Video Assistant Referee or better known as VAR has been used throughout the entirety of Euro 2020/21 for the first ever time at a Euros tournament. Like in the Premier League it has been used to help make close-call judgments around key moments in games, such as goals, offsides, penalty decisions, and red cards, with the VAR official being able to use the video technology to playback any moment in the game.

Now we are approaching the Quarter Finals of the competition, it’s time to get some thoughts from the trusty Undrafted The Network writers on the subject of VAR and how it has performed at a major international tournament.

Does Euro 2020/21 show VAR is working?
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Jamie Evans

In simple terms, Premier League VAR is atrocious. BUT, if they can adopt the way it has been used in the Euros, then I would be all for it. 

I think the refereeing and use of VAR has been exceptional in comparison to the standard of refereeing and use of VAR in the Premier League.

Of course there have been some major talking points at this euros campaign, with the two red cards Wales were issued at the tournament absolutely shambolic, but on a whole it has been successful. Mostly correct and taking a lot less time to come to a decision. 

VAR can be good, but only if used correctly. The FA need to look at the rules and apply common sense to all situations that arise, and also look at the standard of refereeing and VAR operatives that they hire. Shambles. 

Chris Juffs

I hate VAR. I’m not afraid to say it, and I have done many times before. Football was meant to be a working mans sport and the whole idea of the game was to produce talking points. 

We employ referees to do a job, so let them do it. If they’re incapable of doing it, replace them. 

We CANNOT keep allowing technology to tell us when we can and can’t celebrate. Imagine if Harry Kane was a fingernail offside against Germany. All those scenes would’ve been for nothing. The whole enjoyment of football is the split second reactions and the elation of a goal going in. Why ruin that? 

Murray Pugh

Where do you begin? I for one am 100% for VAR, and people need to get it in their heads that it’s not VAR that’s the problem, it’s the standard of officials using it.

Throughout Euro 2020 I can only think of one or two instances where it has taken too long or they’ve got something clearly wrong. Why is that? It’s because the officials using it are the best in the world. Onside/Offside calls are made within seconds most the time in the Euro’s because the officials are seeing it and sticking with it. When there’s an offside in the Premier League it’s as if the officials are trying to make them offside half the time, forever shifting the lines until they fit. Everyone moaning about handballs and stuff like that, again it’s the rules not VAR’s fault and it’s just there to make sure the rules are adhered to.

Can we all stop complaining about VAR and start complaining about the standard of refereeing we have here in the Prem, because VAR is here to stay.

Thomas Clapham

VAR makes football a better sport. Just like TMO in Rugby and Hawk-eye in a multitude of Sports ranging from Tennis to Cricket, Video assistance is required to make sport a fairer place. Using replay to make decisions correctly has been used since replay began being used but for some reason it is this great taboo in football. Video Assistant Referees are there to assist and that is important, it should not be their call. In other sports, the assistant will advise based on the replay, but the decision is still that of the official on the field. 

In order for VAR to thrive just like other methods do we need two things to change immediately. Firstly as I said above the referee in stockley park has to be treated as advice, but the on field decision has to come down to the referee. The second and most important change is to the interpretation of the rules. Handball for example has been a problem as it is very subjective. Referees must sit down and hash out the rules, so they are clear and obviously and cannot be subjective. VAR will always have its detractors, but if it gets it right every time, people will slowly quieten down and enjoy football.

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