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Three Sisters and Clear Bags

In 2016 three sisters from Georgia took a leap of faith and started their own business. Today, Capri Designs is a fast-growing company that is set to team up with the powerhouse of sports merchandise, Fanatics. 

Brittany Sauvé, Ashley Breymeier, and Kelly Breymeier are the three faces behind Capri Designs. The name of the company is a unique one, originating from a street name that the three sisters once lived on. The name was originally used for another company the sisters created for canvas totes and bags, however, kept the name when the business transitioned to clear bags.

Now, Capri Designs is making appearances at team stores and retailer stores.

Photo From:capridesigns.com

The evolution of how the clear bag company began was at a trade show. Sauvé said that someone had approached them and mentioned that clear bags were going to be a thing in Georgia.

From there, the three sisters ventured off to a new world in the fashion industry and took Capri Designs in the clear handbag direction.

Taking the leap of faith, Sauvé and the Breymeiers’ created one bag with eight color options. Once more schools were opting for clear bags the company started to take off.

Sauvé does remote work for the company from Washington D.C., while her sisters live in Georgia, where Capri Designs has a warehouse where all orders are shipped from. 

“The best thing about my job is that I work for my family, and sometimes the worst thing about my job is that I work with my family,’’ Sauvé said.

Though it can get chaotic working with family, Sauvé enjoys working with her sisters. 

Many stadiums and venues are opting to go clear bag because it is safer. With clear handbags dominating the sports world, Capri Designs has more than 70 officially licensed NCAA schools. Their newest addition is HBCU schools. 

In order for the clear handbags to be officially licensed, Capri Designs obtains the logos and creates a mockup of the bag. It’s then submitted for approval through a licensing program. When approved, the company is set to sell with an NCAA holographic sticker. 

Capri Designs, which has worked with Ivy Leagues schools and big-name universities like Ohio State and Michigan, is getting closer to having all college logos on its bags. The sisters are also looking to expand to professional teams in the future. 

Like many businesses, Capri Designs was affected by the pandemic because no one was going to games. Fortunately, they had inventory before the shutdown started, enabling them to survive the year-long pandemic. 

With games underway and filling seats, stadium-approved game day bags are in demand again. 

The busiest month for Capri Designs, according to Sauvé is July, because customers are buying for fall sports. 

Sade Olla, a customer of Capri Designs, gushed about the bags. 

“I would say what sets them apart would definitely be their designs,’’ Olla said. ”Specifically just because I feel like a lot of clear game day bags are kind of very similar, and so I do like that she has the versatility of the colors and the straps and the types of products that she has.’’

With Capri Designs gaining more traction through social media, the company is eyeing big things for the future. 

“I would love to be in all department stores just kind of being a household name when it comes to collegiate products,’’ said Ashley  Breymeier. “ I’d love to be in all the stadium shops by then and in all the college bookstores.”

Capri Designs’ clear bags isn’t just for game days. It’s also for everyday life.

For anyone looking to start their own company, Ashley Breymeier suggests, “Never give up. It’s going to be hard work but never give up on it. Just keep trying.’’

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