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Mark Cavendish: The Greatest Sprinter ever

With 1km to go, Brent Van Moer who was in the days breakaway still had 10 seconds on the Peloton, however time was almost up. He rounded the final corner with the sprint trains bearing down, and everyone, including him knew his chance at the day was over. The sprinters then opened up with their sprints and the romance of the Tour took over. The cameras zeroed in on Mark Cavendish, the winningest sprinter in tour history with 30 victories to his name. He is second only to Eddy Merckx who has the title of greatest Tour cyclist ever. Cavendish is without a victory at the Tour for 5 years, and he had come to this Tour just for the experience, with the knowledge his invite could end anytime.

One thing that was sure on 29/06/2021 with the finish in Fourgeres in Brittany, Mark Cavendish would not be denied!

The man affectionately know as the Manx Missile opened up his sprint like it has done thousands of times in his career, he manoeuvred himself to the front and the Missile was launched. By the time he crossed the line it was a formality, Mark Cavendish had won his 31st Tour stage and he had done it by dominating the field. History is written by the winners, and Cav is far from done with his story.

Image Credit – Belfast Telegraph

The commentary team said it best when they confirmed what we all just watched, Mark Cavendish, is without equal. He is the greatest sprinter ever in the sport, he is without equal and he is not quite finished yet.

Entering stage 5, he has the win at the Tour that has been missing for 5 years, he is in green and he is officially back!

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