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Euro 2020/21 – Predicting Englands Line-up Vs Germany

Euro 2020/21 – Predicting Englands Line-up Vs Germany

The knockout round has been a rollercoaster ride already. Portugal out, France out and Spain made to panic. Everything is falling into place for “Football To Come Home”, but will Southgate get it right against Ze Germans. So many questions have come to the forefront this week. Most worryingly does Southgate know his best 11 or even his best formation?

Undrafted The Network writers are not convinced. This makes predicting the England team Vs Germany all that much harder. But it wouldn’t be Euro 2020/21 without an Undrafted prediction. Read on to see who we think makes the starting 11.

Jamie Evans

England Formation : 3-4-3 defensive

Jamie’s Predicted 11 Vs Germany

Who misses out and why?

Reece james and Chilwell to miss out in the full back positions due to Southgate wanting to defend. Walker missing out to Mings at CB due to Mings playing well in the group stages. Foden will be benched alongside Mason Mount, with Sterling keeping his place due to the fact he’s the only one who’s scored for England so far. 

Murray Pugh

England Formation : 5-2-3

Murray’s Predicted 11 Vs Germany

Who misses out and why?

Mount: He’s done absolutely nothing wrong, but there’s no place in this formation for him. Gareth Southgate loves playing defensive mids and that’s why he’s picking 2 of them over putting Mason in there.

Thomas Clapham

England Formation : 4-2-3-1

Tom’s Predicted 11 Vs Germany

Who misses out and why?

Mount and Grealish: I have Southgate preferring Foden and Sancho here, which I am sure will shock everyone. Sterling keeps his place because of goals so far this tournament and Foden I believe should play because he over all other attacking Midfielders has the ability to turn a game on its head. Jaden Sancho is the shock inclusion and for me it has to happen because he plays against these players all the time. They will know what he can do, which is important because he plays really well with Borussia Dortmund and so will be a concern for the fullbacks he gets to run at.

Antonio Ierubino

England Formation : 3-4-3 (5-2-3 when defending)

Antonio’s Predicted 11 Vs Germany

Who misses out and why

The big misses for me will be Foden and Grealish sadly. With how reserved England have been, Southgate will go with who he trusts most in this one. Sterling has to play – he’s the only man that’s found the back of the net for England so far making him almost untouchable. Also, there’s a reason England have been doing their upmost to ensure Mount is available for selection. Southgate know’s he can rely on Mount to set the tone, and carry out the press required to shutdown Kroos in the middle of the park. Look no further than how he did it for Tuchel Vs Real Madrid in the Champions League.

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