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Hello, Rebecca here! Welcome to my college football tradition series. I am so excited to take you guys on a journey of college football’s most amazing traditions! In my introductory blog post, I had mentioned that I will be kicking off this series with my favorite college football tradition. First up, is the famous Iowa Wave.

Background On The Iowa Wave

A tradition that captured my heart from the moment I saw it. The start of this amazing tradition started in 2017 when the Hawkeyes took on the Wyoming Cowboys in the home opener. At the end of the evening, the Hawkeyes won the game 24-3. 

According to fanbuzz.com, ‘’The idea for the wave was actually developed on social media, as one fan suggested the team try to do something to cheer up the kids in the hospital, per ESPN.’’(Karl Rasmussen)

At the end of quarter one, everyone at Kinnick Stadium turns and faces the Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and starts waving to the young children.

 The Children’s Hospital, built-in 2017, overlooks the famous Kinnick Stadium. With such an amazing view of the stadium, the children in the hospital can see all 70,000 plus fans and players waving and cheering them on. 

The Iowa Wave is such a special tradition because it not only puts a smile on the faces of countless children, but it also unites players and fans together. 

One of the main reasons why I fell in love with college football was because of the amazing traditions it has to offer. The game has the power to change lives, and that is exactly what’s happening on Saturdays at the Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. 

College football offers an escape from reality for many. It’s a game that unites players, coaches, and fans together. It’s so amazing to see how a simple gesture like the Iowa Wave can put a smile on so many faces. 

In conclusion, this tradition will forever have a special place in my heart. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the first of many traditions in my college football tradition series!!

To sum up, I have two short videos highlighting the Iowa Wave!! I hope you guys enjoy!

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Video Time!


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