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A Pandemic and Game Day Jewelry

When the COVID-19 pandemic rattled the world last year, one Texas woman turned to game day jewelry and the idea of Shop Fan Glam was born.

Shop Fan Glam is a fairly new business based in Dallas, Texas. The company provides women an array of jewelry options not only for game day but for everyday wear as well. 

Erika Ewert, the owner of sports jewelry company Shop Fan Glam, grew up in a small town in Kansas.

At the age of 21, Ewert made the move to California where she lived for almost eight years. She now resides in the suburb of Rockwall, Texas with her husband and two stepdaughters, ages 15 and 13.

Ewert attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where she majored in fashion merchandising. 

After FIDM, Ewert turned to corporate buying, specifically shoe buying. She worked for Payless, Skechers, Charlotte Russe, and JCPenney. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, many people lost their jobs.

“Unfortunately with Covid, I got laid off from my position … for me, it was like I always knew I wanted to start my own business and I thought I’m at home 24/7 now, what other better time would it be and so it evolved with that,’’ Ewert said.

With Ewert’s love for fashion and her husband’s love for sports, she wanted to open a business that combined both passions. Having attended numerous Oklahoma State football games, Ewert also wanted to pair her game day outfits with cute pieces of jewelry. 

“Unfortunately, every time I would go and try to find … jewelry, it was just impossible … it’s just out of style, outdated,’’ Ewert said. 

She wanted to establish a business where she could offer women attractive pieces of jewelry to wear on game days. 

With Ewert jumpstarting her own business of her sports jewelry company, she started to make a quick following on social media. 

Photo Credits- Shop Fan Glam

Cassidy McNew, a Shop Fan Glam customer, and collaborator adores the pieces Ewert has to offer.

 “She’s selling a great product,’’ McNew said.

From customizable bracelets to colorful hoop earrings to fun necklaces, Ewert is selling a product that is not only meant for game days but also everyday wear.

With her new business, Ewert is managing the company all by herself. She designs the products with her customers, runs social media content, and advertises for the company. She also does contracting work with some local artists, who mainly focus on the customizable jewelry that the business has to offer. 

With Ewert running a one-man show, she is looking to expand her company in the future, particularly the social media aspect, and expanding her advertising to drive more traffic. 

“First expansion, I’ll try to get some kind of social media creator or director,’’ Ewert said. 

Shelby Ashley, a fashion blogger, gushed about how amazing Shop Fan Glam is.

“The thing that I love about them is they have so much for everyone. I feel like they don’t just have one style,’’ Ashley said.

Both McNew and Ashley have had great experiences shopping with Shop Fan Glam and definitely recommend the company to family and friends. 

By offering an array of game day styles for the everywoman, Ewert is making game days more fashionable one accessory at a time. 

Starting a new company is not an easy task though. As with everything, it comes with its positives and negatives Ewert said. 

She recommends entrepreneurs looking to start their own business to have a support group that radiates positivity. 

“You always need to make sure you have the good cheerleaders, not the bad ones,’’ Ewert said. 

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