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More Women Are Joining Sports Media

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From College GameDay to MLB to Premiere League Soccer, women all over the world are shattering glass ceilings and securing jobs in sports media. 

An industry where diversity is seen all around. From different religions to cultures to genders, sports is an arena where everyone is welcome, women included.  

Over the past decade, more women are becoming involved in the game. From color analysts to reporters to photographers, women are storming the sports world one day at a time and paving the way for future generations. 

Sports Illustrated reporter Diandra Loux, who covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is among them.

“I think it has gotten a lot better over I would say this past year,’’ Loux said. “ And you’ve really seen the push for women to be included in this industry but it has taken so long and it took women you know spending their entire careers just trying to get a foot in the door.’’

Women have gradually been entering the sports industry and creating a diverse environment, from the front offices to coaching on the field.

 “I feel so much better about where we are at than I did when I started,’’ Loux said.

Loux isn’t the only woman in the industry that feels as if more doors are opening.

Ashleigh Binder, the owner of Sports as Told By a Girl, a blog dedicated to women’s voices,  has been writing about sports since 2012. She started her blog as a senior at Rutgers University. When Binder was in graduate school, she opened the website to other women so their voices can be heard too.

With Binder successfully running her own sports media company, she too has seen progress with women in the sports industry. 

“I see a lot of progress especially in the NFL like with their hiring recently,’’ Binder said.

With the NFL hiring more women to be a part of the game like Sarah Thomas or Lori Locust, the league is opening doors for a more diverse environment.

However, women are outnumbered by their male counterparts and still face many challenges working in the industry. 

Binder has faced some challenges of her own. “The messages that I get are disgusting,’’ Binder said.

Binder said that she does not reply back or if she does reply it is in a public forum.

Men aren’t just the ones sending repulsive messages. Some women aren’t making it easy for other women in the industry.

“You know what’s really sad is that there’s women in my DMs being so nasty,’’ Binder said. 

The upside is that more women are climbing the ladder in this male-dominated world. The future of sports has more women involved. 

Sports Illustrated reporter Kimberly Becker had said, “I know it’s so great that women are getting opportunities and obviously like the percentage of women in this industry is so tiny. But I feel like it’s just gonna keep getting bigger. It’s gonna keep growing and there’s so many women with voices now.’’

With more women having voices, the future of women in sports is slowly increasing. 

In short, “Your voice needs to be heard. We all want to hear your opinion and you belong,’’ Binder said.

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