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Crazy Group Winner / Runner Up Bet Euro 2020/21

Here at Undrafted we love a prediction bet, whether that is players, teams or in this case groups, we often like to put in our two cents. Before this summers Euro 2020/21 tournament began, the Undrafted writers all put forward their “group winners” and “runner up” in a straight forecast bet for Groups A to F.

The original post can be found here.

With the last two groups (E and F) to be decided tonight, the show goes on for Jamie and myself. With identical bets, it is quite scary how close we are to being right …..

Dream Big

Cash out suspended. Sky Bet scared. £14,780.39 riding on 4 results. Lord help us if this comes in.

So what scenario does this bet come in?

Group E

The bet – Spain Winner / Poland Runner Up

Remaining Fixtures:

  • Slovakia v Spain – Spain have to win
  • Sweden v Poland – Poland have to win

Group F

The bet – Portugal Winner / Germany Runner Up

Remaining Fixtures:

  • France v Portugal – Portugal have to win
  • Germany v Hungary – Game has to result in a draw

Time to dream big. Roll on tonight!

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