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Sports Cards… What’s Coming Up in July?

At Undrafted Sports Cards, we’ve been in the business of breaking sports cards and involving ourselves in the hobby for almost a year now. We’re still in our infancy. But we are always aspiring to improve, grow, and continue to provide a level of service to our community.

So I bring you, a monthly blog update, where I’ll summarise upcoming products, what my thoughts are, and what it means for the community we’ve built here, currently 700 strong.

Early 2021 Products!

First off let me say that both Legacy and Prizm Draft Picks have knocked my socks off. Both products are loaded with hits, colour, autographs and most importantly, they’re fun boxes to rip. If you’ve not caught them yet, and if I may, i’d like to ask you to click the link below, and drop a quick sub to our video content channel, where all of our official videos will be uploaded to Youtube. In the video below, we hit our first Trevor Lawrence chase card, and it’s a pretty sweet one. Thanks to all of you who’ve supported the video content boxes, it means a lot! There’ll be a giveaway at 100 subscribers, and with 700 of you in the group… we can easily hit that, and fast!

As time goes on, we’ll continue to improve the quality of the channel, as well as the audio, presentation, and overall professionalism. We will continuously strive to be the best.

Upcoming Products!

That being said, what about what’s still to come? Well we have our first mixer of the 2021 season currently listed here! Don’t miss out on that one.

Mosaic Draft Picks – Releases 24th June

Panini released the pre sale on their website, and originally the pricing on it was bonkers. However, we can now get it for an affordable price, and we’ll be doing our best to bring it to you. While that isn’t confirmed, i’d expect to see an announcement about Mosaic Draft Picks in the next couple of days…

Chronicles Draft Picks – Releases 2nd July

Chronicles draft picks is next out, and the first product of July. Now Chronicles is great because it’s the first sight of the new rookies across a tonne of your favourite products. There’ll be rated rookie variants from Donruss, Select autographs, cards from Origins, Spectra, and the list goes on. Described as a ‘plethora of the best Panini brands’, Chronicles is always a good time, and one of the best products for breaks. 48 cards, 3 autos, a tonne of optichrome, and 1 mem card, we’re excited about Chronicles football

Our preorder system will continue throughout the year, so look out for the release of this product on our website in the coming days. We are aiming to stick to a 7 days prior to product release listing, allowing the breaks to sell out before they ship, and we crack them upon arrival!

Luminance Football – Releases 9th July

Luminance is one of the more unique products of the year with it’s anti border design and modern artistic scrawl of the player and team names. The inserts are classy, the product itself is classy, and the card stock gives you a feel of importance. Luminance drops just a week after Chronicles and again features 3 autographs, and 1 mem card. The box boasts 40 cards in total, and again, keep an eye out for the preorder listings the week prior to release!

Donruss Elite – Releases 16th July

One of the bigger boxes of the month, Donruss Elite is a nice affordable product with some really nice looking cards, and the box is 100 strong. 2 autographs, 1 mem card, some nice variations. For those looking to bolster their collections, Donruss Elite might be the one for you!

Gold Standard – Releases 23rd July

The first RISK AND REWARD box of the 2021 sports cards season. As a breaker, these boxes cause me pain sometimes. I want everyone to go home with cards, always, and that’s genuine. Going hitless isn’t something I love. BUT, on the flipside, when these boxes do call your name, it can be a beautiful sight. This past year we pulled ourselves the 1/1 Jordan Love from Gold Standard, and of course the HUGE Justin Herbert RPA from Origins, so the big boy boxes most certainly bear the fruits. I can’t wait to get my hands on the brand new Gold Standard product in 2021. Excited to see Trevor Lawrence show his face in that bad boy…

So there you have it. Those are July’s releases so far. We’ll be throwing in some mixers, especially with Gold Standard so that people still get some love if the box doesn’t call their number. As we navigate through the off season, these products keep our NFL addictions topped up, and when the season hits, things are about to get a whole lot crazier around here…

You can find the full confirmed release date calendar here!

Be sure to join our Sports Cards discord server where you can get day to day updates on your breaks, we’re still developing the server, but we are hoping it will become a place for all of you to talk collections, football, and the hobby.

Thanks guys


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