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Euro 2020/21 – Undrafted Group Winners/Runners up

Here at Undrafted we love a prediction, whether that is players, teams or now groups, we often like to put in our two cents. Thing is, we rarely agree on these matters and therefore it is becoming somewhat of a competition. We thought we would put forward our group winners and the runners up for each of the groups in this summers tournament. When you look back at this in a few weeks, let us know what we go right, but more importantly what we got horribly wrong.

Murray Pugh

Group Winners – Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Spain, France

Group Runners up – Wales, Denmark, Austria, Croatia, Poland, Portugal

Murray’s Magnificent Mentions

Ant Lerubino

Group Winners – Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Spain, Portugal

Group Runners up – Switzerland, Denmark, Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, France

Ant’s Astonishing Auguries

Jamie Evans

Group Winners – Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, England, Italy, Belgium

Group Runners up – Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Wales, Denmark

Jamie’s Justified Jewels

Chris Juffs

Group Winners – Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, France

Group Runners up – Wales, Denmark, Austria, England, Poland, Portugal

Chris’s Cracking Collection

Tom Clapham

Group Winners – Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Sweden, Germany

Group Runners up – Italy, Denmark, Ukraine, Croatia, Spain, Portugal

Tom’s Tremendous Takes

There you have it, a clear and concise consensus on what will happen in the group stages at Euro 2020/2021. Well okay, not even a slight agreement really. Like all football fans we each something different from the groups and from our bets, you can absolutely see that these range in the bookies range of possibilities. Without a doubt this tournament is well worth the wait though and I can assure any readers still with me here, that we will be keeping a tally.

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