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A Morning At Shovelstrode Racing Stables

With Epsom being in full Derby fever, our usual trip to Michael Attwater’s yard has be relocated.

Shovelstrode Racing may be a name new to you all, however the background will not be.

Trainer Zoe Davison created this fabulous environment for both horses and owners, and her legacy well and truly lives on at this amazing location.

Based in Sussex, Gemma Johnson (was Davison), and Andy Irvine are now running things at the yard, and looking to build on the fantastic foundation that’s at Shovelstrode.

Dare To Dream racing have been friends with the family for many years, and have always had connections with the yard.

Recently we purchased a nice National Hunt horse with Shovelstrode called Oscar Asche. We want to increase the number of National Hunt horses and the yard is a perfect place to build a strong hand.

Oscar Asche with Charlotte ready to hit the gallops.

The Facilities

The yard and gallops are second to none. It’s astonishing the amount of land that is here.

The horses get a solid workout both cantering round and also flying up the gallops which are private and exclusive to the team.

A change to our normal flat turbo charged horses, they have obviously more stamina, and are out training for longer.

Oscar Asche

Oscar Asche looked in fine form and we are very much looking forward to the NH season. Normally midwinter we spend the evening freezing at Chelmsford, however if we build a strong team here, our season will never really end, and days out at Plumpton etc loom.

Charlotte gave him a nice spin round this morning, and in her words “he rides very big” but is nice and looks so much better than when we purchased him.


The setup is sensational. The yard is so nice, peaceful and a great atmosphere.

The stable is completely family based, and with Gemma, Andy & Charlotte all living on site, it’s perfect for them to combine the work / home life.

All owners who visited the yard absolutely loved it, and are looking forward to regularly coming here and going racing with the team.

Thank you to Gemma and all the stable staff for making us all feel welcome. Links to all Shovelstrode social media and website will be below, please go and check them out and follow their journey during the winter!

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